wtorek, 27 kwietnia 2010

Flames of Passion?

Oh it's been a while again since I posted anything. It's not my fault. It really isn't. My laptop is broken, still being serviced, and I just figured it out how post stuff from my phone.

One major thing happened during this couple of weeks. I started playing Flames of War. Unfortunately for me Mike from Wargames Heaven, my LGS, introduced me to this game and we became friends since then. Me and the game, not me and Mike. Me and him it's a completely different story.
I decided to collect an army that would represent my background and being polish it wasn't that difficult since the game is all about WW2. My love for big metal stuff has been reinvigorated by the sight of 1st Polish Armoured Division. So far I got 24 tanks. Actually that's a lie! I got 28. Another four Shermans have been painted for my Infantry Company. Yes, a second division I'm building. Yes, it's my new crack! Yes it costs me alot of money. Yes, yes, yes! Guilty as charged... just don't show my missus any of the receipts. Or the totals.

All that doesn't mean I haven't given any love to my 40k armies. My orks got one new Trukk and a new Battlewagon. My Raven Guard got a Predator and a squad of Legionaires o the Damned.

Warmachine also got a lick of paint. Started and almost finished painted Karchev the Terrible. I still need to finish of, hehe, two of my heavy jacks and that will be it.

I apologise for the lack of pictures, but it would be too much hassle uploading them via my phone. I will put up second part of this post with pictures or just post couple smaller ones concerning specific games. So till then!

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