poniedziałek, 27 czerwca 2011

Sentikanz... continued

So my work on the Sentinel Kanz continues... from now I'm going to call them Sentinkanz. So far I filmed 5 out of 6. There is a sixth one, but I got couple bits to do. When I lay some paint on them I will update you as soon as possible. So far, here's another clip:

Tell me what you think about those clips. And leave comments on the Sentikanz below...


niedziela, 19 czerwca 2011

Killa Kans conversions

Some time ago I acquired three Sentinels and 3 Killa Kans, all in boxes all untouched. For couple months they waited for me to convert them into Killa Kans with Sentinel's legs. But when I got the sprues out on the work top and noticed they are fully poseable I went for six weird looking Kans. Here are the first two:

Please tell me what you think by leaving comments below. I quite like them and they will look much better when I get them painted!

Also, what do you think about little clips like that? Should I keep making them? I recently bought myself a nice new camera and I can, which is half way there right? 

sobota, 18 czerwca 2011

Burn!!! Loot!!! Paint!!!

Ha! I did get your attention with the post title didn't I? Well it has a bit to do with the content of the post. I have been busy painting my orks today and that's what I painted:

Click to enlarge!

I know they are not perfect, but it took me something around 6 hours to paint them. Unfortunately they were all assembled. So some detail has not been painted. But I'm not bothered too much about that. I want my models nicely painted on the tabletop and that's what I get over here.

Also, I tried to limit my colour palette... it didn't work. Just look at how many paints I used. Phew!

Click to enlarge!

As you can see there's lots of pots there. But that's ok, most of them were little details. I tried to keep the paintjob nice and easy, and quick! I think that worked pretty well. What do you think guys?

wtorek, 14 czerwca 2011

Dystopian Wars gaming and some other painting projects

As you probably realise I am not much of a gamer recently. I keep building and painting models for myself. I keep painting models for others, but rarely have I got time to actually play the games I love. Recently one game caught my war gaming balls in a clenched fist of pain dealing and I started playing, you guessed it, Dystopian Wars.

I forgot how cool and exciting it is to discover the rules with a mate across the table. You want to do something with a model (move, attack, board) and you don't know how. You both open up the book and look for answers. That is the thing I kept missing from online gaming. Yes, you can chat with people, but rarely there is anything more than insults and jesting there.
I and my mate Mike we spent yesterday early afternoon on cracking Dystopian's rule system. Especially the planes and tiny flyers and how combat works. We had to, unfortunately, have a look on YouTube and watch couple tutorials on the subject and were both disappointed with the quality of tutoring. We decided, the the whole All Along the Watchtower Podcast crew will endevour the making of good quality clips for YouTube that will show beginners how to play this game.

Apart from Dystopian Wars, I have been painting, yes. I started working on 10 Ork Burnas and 8 Lootas and I am trying to finish 9 Squigs for my Orcs. Pictures will follow soon.

Till next time gang!

sobota, 4 czerwca 2011

Prussians and Britanians forces painted!

Below you got two pictures of mine and my mate's battle groups. As I hate playing with unpainted models and I really do want to play some more games of Dystopian Wars I decided to paint those two lots. I'll be honest with you.

Click to maximize!

Click to maximize!

Couple things I noticed:
- preparation is everything when working with resin
- clean your models in luke warm water and washing up liquid
- dry fit everything to avoid misplaced parts

Other than that, these models are beautiful! I loved every minute of painting them. Great detail, great design... woof! Awesome.

środa, 1 czerwca 2011

Dystopian Wars painting

After seeing how the game plays I decided to take the plunge and bought myself a Prussian Battlegroup. Got it yesterday and got so excited with the sheer coolness of the models I couldn't stop myself for painting one or two. Actually I painted four, just in time to go to the club later that day and take them out for a spin.

So here are my four Prussian ships I managed to paint:

What I really don't like is playing with or against unpainted models. So when one of my mates, Mike, got his Britanians out I felt sorry for him and offered to paint his battlegroup too when I get some time. So far I managed to wash the resin properly and gave them a solid black undercoat:

I know it's not much, but I thought I'll share my plans with you guys.

Also, only after two games I managed to notice what my Prussians are good at and what to expect from Brits and Japs! Gawd! Those rokkits :D Pissed me off! Really cool faction. If I ever decide to go for another faction it will be Japs... If not for the coolness I will buy them just to be able to field this mofo:

Mechanical Ika [Squid]

Isn't it cool!?!!

Finecast - double trouble and problem resolution

So as you probably read in one of the previous posts I have had some problems with the two Finecast models I have purchased on the day of release; Ghazghkull and Black Orc Big Boss. They were miscasts with loads of mould lines and flash.

So I went to my LGW today to return them and complain a lot and tell them how dissatisfied I am with the product and how my hopes were let down. To my amazement, and it's not going to be a good thing, the manager of my LGW told me that 'no one forced me to buy it' and 'it's all because it was the first batch'.

Let me get something straight. The excuse of it being the first batch is a complete nonsense! Even more so it should be the priority to get all the models perfect so the new line is maybe understocked but at least meets the quality demand that goes with the price and their promises. The other thing is that no one forces me to do anything; I don't need to be told that. No one will force me to buy shitty overpriced models from GW when there are plenty of other companies doing same or better job for usually less money. I think that comments like that show either the manager's ignorance towards his folk or his lack of professionalism. The only thing that works for him in this case is that after comparing with another model that he took of the shelf, he told me to pick the best sprues and try to work with them, greenstuff them and file them and make the model look good. Of course I could keep my Ghazghkull. Which was nice, but I didn't need the two comments mentioned earlier. If he hadn't said that I would say that he handled the issue perfectly.

So in few weeks time, or maybe days it depends, you can expect Ghazzy to appear on my blog and a little interview with a little miserable fella who was mistreated in the casting process...

Till Later folks!

One more thing: screw the weekly posts! I got more things to say, I can't wait to tell you, so there might be a weekly round up, but I will be posting stuff whenever I feel like it. The wise person was right! You know who you are ;)
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