poniedziałek, 28 lutego 2011

Boar Chariots and 10 Goblin Spider Riders

OK, so the Spidery things need weapons and static grass done. I'm not sure how I want the weapons done to be perfectly honest. After seeing those awesome pics of Savage Orcs with their brutish stone weapons I kinda like the idea. Although 20 Night Goblin Spearmen have their weapons painted metal.

Anyways, here are the pics...

Both Boar Chariots

10 Spider Riders (weapons, webs and grass still to be done)

Three units together for a group Waaagh! shot.

Also, I need your opinion on something. I tend to post pics of WIP. Do you like them? Or would you prefer me to post only the pics of finished stuff?

Voice your opinions in the comments! Thanks!

niedziela, 27 lutego 2011

Orc Chariot is finished

tomorrow I will be finishing the other one out of two I started over here. But for now could kindly place your eyes over this beauty:


sobota, 26 lutego 2011

Something different today

After reading the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated I got sort of inspired to do sth for my Flames of War army. This one over here is just a test model to see IF I can do that and what mistakes to avoid while making it.

So there are three issues I noticed:

1) the back part is covered with cardboard (you can't see it in ths photo) - I need to use styrofoam glued with PVA glue, not cardboard with glue gun, more room for errors and later modifications, also no gaps

2) I'm not sure about the scale of it, it seems a bit too shallow - need to make another one a bit taller / deeper

3) I need vertical poles to hold the wooden planks - I omitted them on purpose to save myself some time at this one, will do them for all others

Comments from you guys are always welcome!

czwartek, 24 lutego 2011

Two Boar Chariots finished

Before a big battle on 20th March I need to paint some of my orcs. So, I started off with the fun stuff!

For now, finished charoiots, soon the boys will follow:


wtorek, 22 lutego 2011

Another episode of our podcast!

So... it's episode four! 4... We have been doing the podcast for two months now. 4 episodes, 1 special in 8 weeks. I think it's pretty good!

We got ourselves a sponsor who also runs a friendly local business. The best way to support each other!

What are you waiting for? Oh, the linkage! Here you go:


poniedziałek, 21 lutego 2011

First unit of orks finished for the tournament!

I have plenty of models to paint for the April's tournament, and I have to limit what I do to my models paintwise. This is how they look like right now before any rebasing with colours and highlighting.

I used something like 15 colours, more or less. Washes have been used to give models some definition. Later on they will be covered with base colour again and highlighted. When finished I will take proper pictures. For now iPhone takes will do.

niedziela, 20 lutego 2011

Naming my orksez...

It's been a while since I gave my orks a little bit of love. While preparing for the April tournament I decided to roll with a unit of Nobz. Since each of them is uniquely equipped I decided to give them names to ease the pain; and for clarity of my army list.

And here we have a unit of boyz with a nice multicoloured paintjob that will allow me to get couple extra points on army scoring. I know they are not up to scratch, but I just want to put a base there, so just in case I do have spare time I can finish them off before the tournament starts.

Your opinions and critisim is more than welcome.

środa, 16 lutego 2011

We will stomp ya to da deff!

Ha! What a comeback! I haven't played 40k in a looong while and yet managed to pull of two victories in one night! Me and mate A. decided to go back into 40k before the local tournament we are going to attend in April. And, we both are sort of on a 'nah' side of big games. Thus, we decided to get our Kill Zone teams ready. A system I mentioned some time ago. He got himself his Blood Angels team and I got my, you guessed right!... ORKS!

OK, so that's the team that I played: 3 boys with a nob, 4 lootas and a mek and a Killa Kan. We played 200pts worth of a game so there was plenty of upgrades that I don't want to bore you with now.

Let me just say what an awesome game of bad luck that was for him. He managed to fail all the important saves and yet I managed to pull of all my sneaky tactics I came up with!

Let's see some picture...

Late at night a small warband has been sent out to destroy odd looking pylons in the middle of an old human city. They didn't know what they were, but they didn't like anything shiny popping up in the middle of no man's land so their warboss told them to 'Krushh Yyt!!' So they did. They ventured forth only couple orks strong but took a kill kan for good measure.

They took some of those lootaz with them to cover the flank and offer support. This nob really needs to get a bigger warband, obviously it's not all mud down there in his huge skull.

When they arrived on the site they noticed some inquisitve canned-humanz wandering around. 5 red, they probably run faster, and 3 odd and mean looking squishy dudes in black armour. Red orky eyes couldn't see them properly... So they proceeded to destroy the wierd pylons and managed to get rid of them in one turn.

And orky nob was right again! The red ones started off with lots of running and moving into kunning positions. The nob didn't like it.

He ordered the killa kan to go and squish some of them before they get to him. So the kan rushed forward and shot, missing his rokkit horribly. Then the other three boyz were sent out to assist. They managed to kill one oomie with their sluggaz.

The kan just remained in place looking mean and scary, not very effective against those oomanz as it appeared later on.

After the kan failed to do any damaged whatsoever the or boys stepped in to lend him a hand or a choppa or two...
That proved to be good help, especially when lootas in the back got rid of all other threats letting them boyz do the work uninterrupted.

Next day game and the oomies came back for some stomping!

But the boys new their kunning tactics and surprised them with lots of choppas and big guns.

The kan promised to do better this time and positioned himself away from any threats. The nob had a rough talk to him after the last failure and told him that he is meant to be a oomie magnet this time.

The lootas being very effective, positioned themselves in the buildngs to get a good view of the pylon site.

This nob does really know what he's doing. He positioned himself and the boys close enough to get a kill and then moved back to draw a oomie into range of the lootas waiting there with their twitchy trigger fingers!

When it got to combat it turn very bloody and brutal. The nob got wounded and had to flee the battlefield later on.

His boys have finshed the job though and lootas wiped the whole place clean.

The nob has healed his wounds already, awesome orky metabolics, and is up for another go!

'Till next time!
You squishy oomies... har har har! :D

poniedziałek, 14 lutego 2011

Crushing skulls, sipping blood... all for charity

Yesterday, February Sunday 13th, I helped my mate S. from Mighty Miniatures blog to run a charity tournament in our local Brighton Warlords club. It was a 1600 points Fantasy Tourney ran to raise money for PDSA.

We had 30 players taking part, four games and all day to roll the dice. I'm not sure, but I think we raised over £300 that will be transfered to PDSA'a accounts soon. But, that's the boring part.

The interesting thing is that we had more evil armies than the good ones, I believe the ratio was 2:1. Even so, one Wood Elves army managed to get to the third place!

Also a good idea for all those of you who organise tournaments was an introduction of a Lucky Re-roll! You should only do it in tourneys that no one takes too serious anyway. How does it work? Well, every player had a chance to buy himself one Lucky Re-roll. It's one re-roll for the whole tournament, not every game. We agreed that it could also be a re-roll of a re-roll... to make things even more fun!

Almost all of our participants used their Lucky Re-rolls. Most of them brought some good results, some of them didn't. I remember one lucky re-roll that helped a player to get rid of a Stegadon off the table.
So it was all fun, people enjoyed their games immensly. It took us from 9:30am till 7:00pm to finish all games, count up and announce results.

We also had some prizes, in form of GW vouchers, sponsored by one of our club members who likes to support his local community. Thanks A.S.!

It was a good experience for me to run a tournament. Well, help out. But still, good fun! If I had to say one thing for a tournament like this, don't even think of doing any calculations on a piece of paper. My laptop saved us and we were able to announce victors only 5 mins after we got last results in.

wtorek, 8 lutego 2011

Malifaux painting Punk Zombies

As promised earlier, this is the first of the Punk Zombies finished.

I think with Malifaux models it's best to paint one model at a time. Give it all of your attention and make it individual. That's the case with this model. I didn't even write down what paints I used so next one I paint WILL look different.

Lizardmen Commission #5

I've got a unit finished! Except maybe for some grass on the base if the customer wishes so. For now I leave those bases as they are.

Some Malifaux samurai and crooked man are next in the queue. Pictures soon.

poniedziałek, 7 lutego 2011

Lizardmen Commission #4

After another busy session I got all the base colours and skin done for the 24 skinks I was working on. The only things left are: weapons, eyes, ornaments and claws and teeth.

They should get finished very soon!

sobota, 5 lutego 2011

Lizardmen Commission #3

After a long time I have managed to contact the guys who commissioned this army and there's some been done last couple hours. He wants his bases covered with york stone so I had to cut them off the bases, cut the little tiles and reglue models back on top... I ended up with two of my fingers sliced! That wasn't fun.

I shall be painting them soon. The only thing I need is to figure out HOW to paint York Stone... any ideas?

EDIT: I have added 8 Temple Guard (at least I believe they are)

piątek, 4 lutego 2011

All your base are belong to... Khemri Brown!

I know that the 'normal' way of doing up a model is starting with getting the model painted and then basing it. Some people, base the model first, then paint it and then paint the basing material or whatever they used to finish off the bases. For some reason I like to, in case of horde armies, start off with basing and painting the bases.

When you look at the pictures below it seems like they are meant to be black. They have a look of a semi finished product. With that done I can concentrate on painting skin on some of them, then weapons, then all other detail. All that time, the models are tied in with the army and I got a feeling that when having all my models based makes my side of the battlefield look so much better. Also, no one can tell me I play with unpainted / grey models. There have been some effort put into them, just in a reversed order.

So here are 2 units of gretchin and 2 units of orks for my future army. Nothing to like or dislike I guess, just have a look:

czwartek, 3 lutego 2011

Wardrobe full of spores continues...

Some more pictures of stuff I managed to scavenge from my bits box! I have put together 9... NINE!!! Nobz.

Old metal Nobz with plastic arms and weapons.

New Nobz with various weapons.

What do you guys think? Comments and criticism are welcomed!

Why there are so many spores in my wardrobe?!

Yes, some of you who may have followed this blog from the very beginning would know, that I love my orksiez... I just recently have sold an entire army of them, just because I got scammed on eBay (partly my fault tbh) and had to fill up the whole on my PayPal account. Anyways... on a Monday's visit to Brighton Warlords club (yes, we have to clubs running in Brighton & Hove area) I have met with a very inspiring dude called Darren. I have seen his work on orkz before, but some of his recent conversions are just stunning. I will try and get some pics if I get a chance next Monday. So, upon seeing his orkz, something inside me screamed... wagh! It wasn't too loud, well it was INSIDE ME and I am a big bloke so mu guts sort of muffled the sound, but it was a Little Waagh! nonethelesss.

I came home that night and thought... damn, it's shame that I only have those 3 DeffKoptas, 3 Trukks, Carnigoth and Battlewagon left. I aimlessly wandered to my clothes / miniatures wardrobe and started opening boxes of stuff for no apparent reason.

To my surprise that's what I have found:

First squad of Gretchin painted with Pure-Wash technique

Second squad of Gretchin
(1 of them is from Stompa kit, the one jumping over a cannon ball)
These two squads are perfects for objective control... Lay them on the ground and wait!

These boyz have actually been painted by Darren
(the guy I mentioned earlier)
I'm going to use Snikrot as a Nob or as Snikrot depending on what other models I find and how many points I need.

Kommando Nob as a boyz Nob...bad ass!

I think these guys are from AoBR set. Their arms are funny.

Ok, I have arranged them into squads. But they were simply thrown in my bits box. I also have 5 AoBR Nobz from my mate Soya, and managed to find another 4 old metal Nobz and build another 5 from the Nobz sprues that I somehow had stashed in my bits box. So I will have plenty of Nobs to accompany my Warboss in his Battlewagon.

Oh and I also found 4 Lootas with Mek and 6 or 8 Burnas. That's way over 1500 points. I got plenty of choices to build my new Ork army. I will be making a Big Red One :D This name keeps poping into my head thanks to my mate Mike, who plays BR1 in Cold War Commander. I shall take this name and wear it proud on the shoulders of my orkseez!

wtorek, 1 lutego 2011

Malifaux gaming

Today in the Call of Dice club I had a game of Malifaux, obviously, againsty my mate Soya. We played a game of 37 points. I played with my crew using Nikodem, Mortimer, Flesh Construct, Hanged, 3x Samurai and summoned 4 zombies at most. He used his gang of gremlins with Som'er Teeth Jones and Ophelia (if I'm not mistaken) with lots and lots of other minor gremlins.

He won 6:2 by achieving his Schemes. I scored my points by placing 2 tokens at every quarter and by having more tokens then my opponent has models.

It was my second game of Malifaux and I still have lots to learn. I still have to find those inter-relations between characters and what and when they can do anything of any importance.
What I noticed though is that I need to keep Mortimer close to Nikodem and keep digging! Get those zombies out and about, Bolster Undead and send them forward. Also keep the samurai close by to attack and shield Nicodem from any long range weapons. I will also like to use my Flesh Construct and The Hanged to draw opponents attention.

Any thoughts?
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