niedziela, 30 stycznia 2011

Mortimer, The Gravedigger and a Zombie

Here you have two finished models. Mortimer and a zombie. With Mortimer I have put some heart into it. With a zombie, not so much. You can probably tell. The model is ok, but it's a very basic tabletop standard. I think he will do...




I should be painting some more zombies and samurai tonight and tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will get them finished before Tuesday's club session.

C&C are welcome...

Flesh Construct by proxy

So here it is, one of the two proxies I'm going to be using this Tuesday!


Any comments and critisim is always welcome!

sobota, 29 stycznia 2011

Malifaux by proxy

Since couple of my mates have 50pts of Malifaux crews I need to bolster my lot. I have two models on order, The Vulture and Canine Remains, but I need some hard hitting stuff. It's going to be a Flesh Construct and The Hanged. I also decided to make one more Zombie and his token form.

When I thought about what to use for my Flesh Construct I thought I could sculpt stuff. And I will, but I need something for this Tuesday, thus a proxy. Looks funny though.


wtorek, 25 stycznia 2011

Malifaux ideas

So I managed to paint all those bugs yesterday. I feel like the weekend didn't go to waste. But now, I need to play some Malifaux, and to do that, I need to paint, buy and sculpt some models. Yes! Sculpt...

I have never done it, so it will be an excitine adventure. What I need to do is this:

I feel like I actually could pull this off. Well, not exactly the same looking model, but something similarly ugly. Since I have never sculpted anything beyond a skull or a bottom of a Space Marine boot I thought of basing the mini on an actual skeleton, same one as I used for those zombies here. Then I could layer green stuff all over it creating muscles and other bits and bobs. I found this tutorial on YouTube and I am watching it tonight in bed. Looks kind of straightforward.

The worst case scenario I will waste some green stuff and end up with a shapeless pulp. No biggie.

niedziela, 23 stycznia 2011

Avalanche of projects! - End of day two

Another day another dozen and a half models painted. My Space Hulk peoples are getting ready to roll... Here are the lots of 6 from both sides.

PhotobucketFirst six

PhotobucketSecond six

PhotobucketThird six

PhotobucketAnd the whole lot with extra 4 and a Brood Lord. Space Hulk's Genestealers are finished!

What do you guys think?

sobota, 22 stycznia 2011

Avalanche of projects! - End of day one

Since weekends are the only days I can spend with my wife I didn't do a whole lot. But there is progress on the Genestealers (they are almost finished) and here are the pics of my Malifaux as it is today. Also, a special treat!

Zombies in both forms, a token and a 'living' zombie.

The samurais and the Undertaker. Based with Scorched Brown.

The Genestealers after: base of Adeptus Battlegrey, Scorched Brown and Badab Black on the carapace and Liche Purple on tongues and flesh bits. Also Tin Bitz as base for metal parts and overcoat of Boltgun Metal.

And the special treat from months back! That's who is going to fight them in the claustrophobic corridors of the hulk from space :D

I recently have purchased those Battlefoam trays for Space Hulk from Wayland Games. It's £18 for the set with special bottom trays for all the terrain and such. Funny thing though is the way they can't use the name Space Hulk and have to keep using 'the corridor board game in space' or something similar... hilarious!

I should finish those Genestealers tomorrow, and get on with the samurais, or the zombies. It all depends how much time I have.

'Till Later

Avalanche of projects!

For days, weeks or even months I can go about without touching a brush. Then suddenly I have this urge to cover stuff with paint and that is how my paint station looks like then.

I blame three energy drinks and godly chinese take-away! I will be posting pictures of step-by-step tutorials how I paint certain things. So in the pipelines:
* Malifaux 3 samurais
* Malifaux Undertaker
* Space Hulk 18 genestealers
* Space Hulk 6 marines stripping the the jar in the back
* 40k Orkz 3 DeffKoptas
* 40k Orkz Battlwagon

'Till Later!

piątek, 21 stycznia 2011

Crimson Fists Commission #2 - Finished!

Today I had to retake pictures of my finished commission for the guy who bought the first job commissioned for eBay. He liked the models so much that he wanted some more. It was a basic job: basecoat, wash, details, transfers. Good tabletop quality. So here they are:

My Raven Guard army is for sale!

Go here to have a look at the items I have currently on sale:

I need coins so please help me out by spreading the word or placing bids :D


Be kind rewind! - Carnigoth

While checking my stuff on eBay, AdSense and YouTube I found this clip I made a year ago I believe. I still got the model and am actually thinking of reshooting it in higher quality. This model is SO worth it!

What do you guys think? Would you like to see it in HiDef? Or should I just leave it as it is?

czwartek, 20 stycznia 2011

TerrainLinx - quick flooring test

So here it is something I managed to do this morning. A Malifuax character on a building floor stuck to a core foam tile.

Looks good, not sure about the glossy paper though. I chose glossy to have a plasticy feel to it but now seeing the reflection on the wooden floor... not sure. What do you guys think?

środa, 19 stycznia 2011

TerrainLinx from WorldWorks Games

As some of you may know, me and two of my mates are involved in running a local gaming club, Call of Dice.
We have couple Warmachine and Malifaux players and we decided we need nice terrain for those systems. But building scenery is something I never excelled at. I like doing it, but it usually turns out half as good as I imagined or I manage to screw it up in the process. So i turned to Google for help and found these guys...

I know what some of you might say, that it made out of paper and will look crap. But actually what I find brilliant about it is the design, repeatability and ease of build.

What we need in the club is scenery that could change from week to week, or even from game to game. We are a bit limited on the amount of space that we can have in the pub's storage. When I saw how little space these boards take up I was hooked. With this system you can build floor tiles, buildings filled with props, multi-leveled buildings and bridges. Every building can be set up in many different ways, your imagination and amount of elements your only limit. And when you run out of walls, for instance, or they get damaged; simply print them out, cut them out and glue them together! K.I.S.S.!

This is a quick mock up with what models I had at hand. I built these two walls in matter of 5 minutes, mind they are my first TLX builds. I have used double sided tape instead of glue as I'm worried about warping. The bits are not perfect, because I used 200gsm paper and 110gsm is recomended.

As you can see they scale up perfectly even with 40k models. When I get some time and do floor tiles, pillars and another set of walls I will post pictures so you can see how awesome it looks.

Now, how expensive was it to buy? Not very. £7 for a PDF with all instructions and loads of different elements. You can obviously print them as many times as you want. So, £7 can give you a tablefull of terrain! And with the interchangeability of elements the possibilites are endless!

poniedziałek, 17 stycznia 2011

My Podcast's new episode!

Guys! Go here to listen to a brand new episode of our podcast. You can find more details on the page and you got three listening options, iTunes, embedded player or MP3 download. I hope all of you who decide to go over there will enjoy it!

piątek, 7 stycznia 2011

Goblin Wolf Riders - Commission

After a looong period, I think it's been like 3, 4 months, I finally managed to finish off the lot I got commissioned by my friend Soya. His 26 Goblin Wolf Riders were easy to paint, but I just had my off-painting, off-hobby period. Here's a pic to prove they are done :D

I should post pics of the finished Crimson Fists commission soon.
'Till Later!

środa, 5 stycznia 2011

Ultramarines The Movie - review

I should have added, my humble review. I am not a critic by any means. What I can provide you over here is a Warhammer 40k fan view on the long awaited full feature movie. I will try to tell you why or if it is worth to dish out £30 odd quid for your own copy.

To start with I have to say that after I have seen the trailers and teasers on Ultramarines Facebook page I was not impressed. Their movement seemed awkward, voice acting was decent but not as good as I would expect. So, a fan boy that I am, I started slagging off something I wished to love in nearest future. Many people hated me for it, and oh boy, did they voice their opinions about me. So, when the day came and I received my copy of the movie I called my mate Mike and we sat down and watched it, and here is what I think about it:

The character movement. I know they are Space Marines and they wear this armour that weighs a ton, but they should move smoothly and naturaly. The aromour should enhance their reflexes and body strength. Instead you can see their legs move in a very weird way; unnaturally. It seems like their abaility to move is hindered by the armour. Then there is them skipping from rock to rock trying to climb a mountain. That did not look good.

Voice acting. There are brilliant moments in the movie; unfortunately there are plenty more horrible ones. Let me give you an example: an apothecary leans over a wounded Space Marine and without any emotions what so ever states: 'Head wound, fatal'. I mean, I know they are battle hardened soldiers and there should be no flaffing about with them, but they have just lost a battle brother and nothing? I am not going even to tell how stupid it sounded when said about a guy who had half of his head missing...

Graphics themselves are brilliant. The Space Marine armour looks awesome, is full of detail and you can almost feel the love and heart someone has put into creating this piece of art. The vehicels like Land Speeder and a Thunderhawk look great. Full of detail inside and on the outside. Even the turbines turn and dust articles move up in in the air like they would.
The faces and motion capture of the actors looks incredibly well. It could be better I think, but I can easily say that it does the job. It's no Final Fantasy, but definitely better than Dawn of War cut scenes. One thing the faces reminded me of was Doom 3, the game. Same sort of bump mapping and lighting.

Creating an atmosphere is where this movie excels! Even though I was very sceptical and had a negative approach to the movie, I really enjoyed watching those Marines go places and talk to each other. It's no classic movie, but it comes across, sort of, authentic. It feels like that's what they would do and say.
Soundtrack is great; it is there in the background humming or thumping with bass or at very few brilliant moments filling the room with femal choir. Awesome!

The story is OK. I mean, I have read better stories written by people on forums than this. I know we all should praise Dan Abnett for writing this script, but I think he could have done a better job. I don't know what's his experience writing movie screenplays, but this is a good start, that hopefully will lead to something even better. Hopefully...

I wouldn't want to give away any plot details so I will stop now, because some other things that I liked or disliked could spoil you the movie. Summing up the movie I will say that I liked it. I liked it a bit after first time I have seen it. I like it even more after second viewing. I think it's due to me getting over bad acting and movement glitches and concentrating on the plot and the feel the movie
has got.

But you don't spend £30 pounds for just a movie. In the bundle you got a graphic novel and a bonus disc. The graphic novel explains why there is only 12 Space Marines landing on this planet to do what they have to do. Again, no spoilers, I promised! I will onl say that when we were watching it we felt like 'what? only 12 of them?, stupid!' But after reading the novel and rewatching the movie it all came together and made more sense.

The discs are encased in a nice metal box with Ultramarines logo on one side and Games Workshop's logo on the other (I'm pretty sure, I don't have it on me). It looks nice and feels like a collector's item, you know, those special edition DVDs.
The bonus disc contains plenty of interviews with GW staff involved in the movie and of course Codex Pictures. It's all fun to watch. The pretty cool thing about it is the Armoury, where you can pick your weapon and listen to it's sound effects and get some more info about it. Pretty neat!

All in all I would say it's a good attempt. Definitely not worth £30, but has a lot of collector's value for fans of 40k universe. I believe it's going to be a first in a big collection of 40k movies. Who knows, maybe even Warhammer Fantasy will get one? You never know with Games Workshop.

As a movie for a fan of 40k it's a 7 out of 10. For someone who has no idea who a Space Marine is... 4 out of 10? Maybe not even that. Depends on how high your standards are.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please leave comments and maybe your feedback about the movie. Did you like it? Did you like the same things I liked? Share with me!

Till Later!

wtorek, 4 stycznia 2011

Not so much painting done...

As every one I had a period of complete no painting. I don't know why that happens sometimes. Theoreticaly I should paint more, want to play more. Since our local shop has shut down, we started our own club in one of the local pubs. I'm one of the three people that runs it. But I haven't played a single miniture game since then. It has been 7 weeks of gaming in the club, I believe, and not once I was even tempted. I started playing board games, yes; I haven't lost my geek completely.

I dragged through two comissions I had to finish off and that was a real pain I tell you. But! Today I was viewing come of the threads I subscribe to on Warseer and I got my painting feeling back, I think. I want to paint, I want to finish off my models, my armies. I made a deal with myself that I won't buy any models unless I finish what I got. I have been a pretty good boy so far. Haven't spent a penny on models. Books yes... so there I cheated a little bit.

Me and two of my mates we started a podcast. I have been busy with getting the whole thing set up. iTunes, hosting, blog and all other bits and bobs you need to do to get the show on the proverbial road. It's fun being part of something like that. I don't have a celebrity feeling yet, but I haven't shown my bum or manboobs on telly either. Oh, btw, the links to the podcast are on the right hand side. You are more than welcome to go to iTunes and download the first Episode.

So yes, podcasting, club and Black Ops and Battlefield Bad Company 2... Yes... I have wasted a lot of time on those. But I don't want to bore you with console games on my miniatures painting blog. Wrong place. What I will do is eventually get my camera set up and take pictures of the stuff I have painted recently, those comissions, and start working on something new. Or just finish off the stuff I have

So the stuff to paint (either completely unpainted or started):
* Space Hulk - Genestealers
* Space Hulk - Marines
* Malifaux - Samurai Zombies
* Malifaux - Undertaker
* Malifaux - Zombies with Dead Counters
* Warmachine - two Jacks and one Demolition Corps Sergeant
* Epic - two Great Gargants
* Epic - some random models I got from my mate Soya
* 40k - Ork Battlewagon
* 40k - 6 Deff Koptas
* 40k - couple details on some of my Raven Guard

I think that's all there is. The only thing I need to do is to keep myself motivated. That's hard recently...

Till Later!
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