niedziela, 23 sierpnia 2009

Space Hulk!


O hai again...

Just came back from my LGW and had a chance to play a game of SH. I must say: it's dead easy to pick up and plays so well after couple turns when you know what to do.
My termies lost in Mission 1: Sucide mission, where you have to get your heavy flamer guy to some office bulk and burn some scrap material or what not.
The game flow is awesome! No hassle, get an idea what you're doing, move models, roll some dice, put them aside if they die or laugh evillishly (?) when your opponent has to take some of his. Take turns and play again! So easy. So much fun!

The tiles look amazing, nicely coated paper. I am sure that most tiles are embossed so they really look like bulk heads. The only problem I see coming (as a very pedantic person) is with doors. They don't stay in the bases provided. Either one will have to glue them or bluetack them.

Nevertheless the game is definitely worth the money! Plus the box it comes in is not like the one for AoBR. It's hard cardboard and it will withstand lots of wear and tear.

I would strongly recommend you go to LGW and try it out and preorder it as soon as. Remember, it's limited edition!

'til later folks!

Blood Bowl!

O hai!

Finally me and Alex started our teams. After having one game and bending / omitting the rules to the extreme we decided to write up rosters and play it properly.

So... my team won 2:1 and an MVP title in my team was given to guy who cowered with the ball on MY touchdown line on turn 8 of second half. That ork actually had an idea what to do to win. Oh yes, obviously, I started a team of orks... or orcs. I built them from some bits I had gathered and now I have 6 linemen, 2 blitzers, 2 throwers and 2 black orcs. I need to model up my charachter or sth and some fans (if I manage to get some).

On other note, I finished painting a TAC squad for my Raven Guard and combat squad for my Red Scorpions army, which I decided to build very, very slowly. I will then team them up with Raven Guard and have 3000pts of pure Apocalypse awesomeness!

'till then!

poniedziałek, 17 sierpnia 2009

Space Marines Diorama

After reading one of the Black Library books I had this idea for a diorama. By accident I read bAttle brothers as bOttle brothers. That spurred and idea in my huge, twisted polish head.


And that's what I come up with during one of my nightshifts:

But... after having much trouble with the name for the drink (Single Melt Scotch?) I decided to spruce it up a little bit with an orky vehicle on the other side, or maybe a character (don't know yet) and enter Golden Demon with it. To get to FW queues earlier if not for anything else :D

Oh, right... got sidetracked. Yes, an orky thing on the other side and space marines trying to blow it up with their meltas. A bit of repositioning will do the trick. The guy kicking the other in the butt would be kicking a barrel full of slime. The guy carrying two meltas will be in the back. The guy leaning on the wall might be pushing some stuff over to tip it on the orky vehicle.

What do you think?

Plus, I pre-ordered two boxes of Space Hulk... Have you seen the models?! They... are... amazing! One of the boxes will go one eBay or a kind someone who will be willing to pay for it when GW runs out :P

That's all folks! Till later...

Oh, tonight on the nightshift I had a chance to rugby takle a customer! F. U. N. :D
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