poniedziałek, 31 października 2011

Getting warmer

As some of you already know, I am now located in Poland. It's getting a bit chilly right now over here. My gaming room was not supposed to be a room of any kind when the house was built and thus there's no heating in there. I had to dish out some money and buy a standalone gas heater. And it works! Doesn't leak gas or anything, hasn't exploded yet either. Soon, some gaming should commence when me and my brother organise some time together, a man-date you might say.

I also managed to put some paint on my models and... convert antoher Big Mek for my army. You can see a sort of GW sneek peak on the army pic in the previous post, but as soon as I get 30 minutes of free time I will shoot a HD clip of it an put it on YouTube. A cool, High Definition, 360 degrees of the model.

Apart from that I have been insanely busy and stressed looking for a job. I don't want ANY job, I want a good job. It's either that or trying to be my own boss. And we all know how difficult that can be. So, I have been applying and got only one reply so far. It seems like a great job and I managed to get through to the third stage when assessment takes place in the company's offices. I think I got pretty far, thus the stress. I need to prepare a presentation, a self assessment sheet and some things. Keep your fingers crossed! I need this job!

Till later gang!

One word: Warcanto! (google it)

wtorek, 25 października 2011

Latest addition to my Ork Army

So after some time I managed to collect a sizeable Ork army... again! It's my third. Every time I finish it I sell, this one... shall not be sold! For I like it too much. All models have black and grey primer on them. Next step: all bases and metals on ALL of the models.

For now, a pic:

niedziela, 16 października 2011

Took my Orks out for a spin


My Orks have played two games this weekend. First one I played against my brother's Impreial Guard. We played a 1k army each. Dawn of War deployment and Capture & Control mission. His Imperial Guard couldn't stop my Orks from coming to the objective in his deployment. It didn't help he forgot to roll for his reserves. Any way it was a close one as if not for me being lucky at the begining and taking down his Basilisk it wouldn't be that easy.

Second game took place today against an army of Chaos. Same mission and Spearhead deployment. It was a draw but the Chaos player didn't even leave his quarter. My Orks got there second turn ready to wreak havoc. Unfortuantely they got stopped by Obliterators and a Land Raider full of Terminators. Both games were fun and I'm ready for more.

Also, right now I'm working on a Deff Dread. I'm trying to convert a little bit by adding a part here, part there, cutting things in half and so on... Not a big thing, but when I'm done it should look OK. Pictures as soon as I finish.

I also have a podcast to edit before my co-hosts kill me. It has been two weeks of me being really busy and this weekend I have some time so I am planning to do it. Keep your fingers crossed!

Till later!

wtorek, 11 października 2011

First game in new place

Today me and my brother decided to have a game. I decided to play Dystopian Wars as it is an amazing game and we didn't need to write up any army lists since we used two starter sets: him - Prussians and I - Blazing Suns.

That's my brother NOT realising he's getting his ass kicked.

The game was, as always with Dystopian Wars, fun. He learned the basic rules of linking fire, splitting fire, moving and turning. It was pretty cool. I managed to play my Blazing Suns (BS) 'trains' as Prussians: full ahead and didn't use my P/S Guns.

As some of you know Prussians are good in barging in among the enemy and using their Broadsides all over the place. BS are not good at it, they seem to be better at circling the enemy on Band 2 and using all their Rockets and P/S Guns. But that was only the first game I played with BS and I will probably revise my conclusions later on. We'll see!

That's how effective Blazing Suns guns were.

Till later gang!

czwartek, 6 października 2011

(my) Armies on Parade

On Sunday me and my bro will be either going to the local club to roll some dice, or we will do it at home while drinking insane amounts of beer. Either way, I decided to get ready and got all his IG and my Orks out to write up some lists and while I was at it I unpacked my newly bought Skaven army.

I was also sorting out some mess in the cupboards and managed to dig out something that my mate was asking some years ago and I said: I don't have it! Well look'e here! Goliath gang...

You know what that means? It means I will want to start to play Necromunda again and will lure him in. Mwahahaha!

Till tomorrow! I hope...

wtorek, 4 października 2011

My gaming room is starting to take shape

After a long day I have done almost everything I wanted to do to my gaming area of the attic. Now I will have to move in some desks and shelves to sort out my painting / building room which is a bit to the side, and smaller. Winters here in Poland are a bit harsher than in UK and I don't want to heat up the whole place to paint couple of minis. So, here is the pic of how it looks right now.

Honey, I'm home!

So the move went well. I'm now organising my life back in Poland and it's going pretty smooth actually. So far.
As a true hobbyist I started of with getting my lair sorted.

I got my 6"x4" table ready and full of stuff as you can see. I will take pictures of it when it's done, but for now this has to do.

This is the same room from the opposite corner of the room. It looks even worse then the previous picture.

This will be my painting room when I get done with the main one. It's smaller, but that's going to make it easier to heat it up. You know in Poland we got proper winters, not just autumns with more rain and gloom all over.

And just to prove I'm hardcore, that's my room. Just a mattress on the floor. Waiting for the wife to move in and sort out the décor. I can't be bothered with that crap.

So... there will be no painting posts for a while; until I get the room sorted. Considering I landed yesterday I did quite a lot. I'll talk to you later gang!
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