niedziela, 16 października 2011

Took my Orks out for a spin


My Orks have played two games this weekend. First one I played against my brother's Impreial Guard. We played a 1k army each. Dawn of War deployment and Capture & Control mission. His Imperial Guard couldn't stop my Orks from coming to the objective in his deployment. It didn't help he forgot to roll for his reserves. Any way it was a close one as if not for me being lucky at the begining and taking down his Basilisk it wouldn't be that easy.

Second game took place today against an army of Chaos. Same mission and Spearhead deployment. It was a draw but the Chaos player didn't even leave his quarter. My Orks got there second turn ready to wreak havoc. Unfortuantely they got stopped by Obliterators and a Land Raider full of Terminators. Both games were fun and I'm ready for more.

Also, right now I'm working on a Deff Dread. I'm trying to convert a little bit by adding a part here, part there, cutting things in half and so on... Not a big thing, but when I'm done it should look OK. Pictures as soon as I finish.

I also have a podcast to edit before my co-hosts kill me. It has been two weeks of me being really busy and this weekend I have some time so I am planning to do it. Keep your fingers crossed!

Till later!

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