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Space Hulk - Death Angel


Fantasy Flight Games is known for the quality of their games. I’m pretty sure that I have never heard of a game released by them that was a complete flop. Thus, my hopes for Death Angel were high. When I finally got my hands on the box I was more than happy.

It’s is a Silver Line edition, which apparently means it’s a compact size game stuffed into one small box and that is all you need to play. Well, maybe a bit of a table space, that’s it! The box, as always, has a nice textured feel to it. So do the size 3 cards. They got nice artwork on them fitting the Space Hulk Board Game perfectly by using GW illustrations from codices and rulebooks. All the familiar faces are there: Lorenzo, Omnio and others. It was a big shame putting them into sleeves but… you will want to protect them as most of the cards will be used a lot. The manual is written in a pretty straightforward way, but could do with more examples of gameplay, I think. It is a full colour 32 page booklet with a quick reference on the last page.


The game is designed to be played by one to six players and is played against the deck. Before you start playing you need to set up your gaming area. Yes, it’s a card game that looks like a board game to me, without actually using a board. You set up you blips, set up your locations and then your Space Marines. I will not go into detail on the game itself as I’m pretty sure you want to experience the fun of learning yourself. It takes a while to get your head around the rules, but when you do… oh boy!

When I and my mates played the first couple of games we thought the game is broken. You can’t win. Then I thought of Space Hulk the Board Game. You’re not supposed to win! There’s only couple of you against hordes of pissed of bugs. Winning the game is like getting the right numbers on the lottery. So, don’t worry if you loose! Keep on trying and you will get there.

(Being an OCD person I need to have everything perfectly lined up and fitting into boxes. When you put all the cards in their sleeves they simply don’t fit in the box. Well, not at first they don’t. There is a way to fit them in there and after a trial and error and some maths I managed to find a way: First pile: Genestealers + Brood Lords + Locations, second pile: Events + Space Marines + Actions, and the middle pile on top of the raised area: Terrain cards; all tokens stuffed inside the raised area.)

poniedziałek, 13 września 2010

Epic Orks Warband #3

I managed to paint another small warband and six stands of Gretchin. That warband doesn't have any Battlewagons... yet! They should arrive soon. The picture is big, so click on it to enbiggen.


What do you guys think?

sobota, 11 września 2010

Epic Orks Warband #2

Another small warband. This time I decided to add some foliage. I got myself a tub of Army Painter Battlefields, Autumn Undergrowth. So much stuff in one tub! :D For Epic... it's going to last a lifetime and a half.

So here it is, my second warband with 'trees' and 'shrubberies':


I also decided to add some close-up photos of the first and second warband. Here they are:



What do you think?

Epic Orks Warband

After last game, which was also my first game, of Epic 40k I decided to start painting models I've been buying of eBay for as little money as possible. 12 old style Battlewagonz for £3... come on!

So here it is, first warband painted by me:


I decided to give them a little bit of old school look by Goblin Green on the rim of the bases. I think it works really well. I'm not sure on the ides of basing Battlewagonz. I've seen people do that. What do you guys think? Base or no base? That is the question... lol

piątek, 10 września 2010

Area 9 scenery - review

What makes your gaming table really come to life? Is it your nicely painted models? Yes... anything else? Well, you guessed right! Scenery! As it is pretty easy to get some stuff for 40k and Fantasy, with other systems it might be a bit of a challenge. When you play small scale games like Flames of War you need terrain, buildings and decorations that suit the historical period. Doing it yourself, as much as it can be fun, is time consuming. When you want to get something nice, quick... you need to spend money, loads of it. That's why you need to make sure you get a good quality product. And here comes Area 9.

Italian range

When it comes to Flames of War, they carry a huge range of different buildings like Italian, Russian and their latest range West European. What is special about their offer is that for most of the items you can choose if you want the stuff unpainted, painted or painted and weather (with the latest range at least). Go and check their prices for any specifics.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Western Europe (weathered)

I have played many games on tables filled with their stuff and I must say: it does feel and look amazing. All of the buildings are cut into separate levels with floors. Usually you can fit two, three bases on each level which makes it exceptionally useful when garisoning a building.  The scale fits the models so well, you wish you didn't have to use bases so they would look even more life like.

Russian range

The quality of the resin is also great. No chipping, no scratching. It does not feel like it is about to fall apart. It is also lightweight. Easy to paint, easy to maintain.

So... if you play any 15mm games set in WW2 like Flames of War I would strongly recommend you go to their website and check the range and place an order! You won't be disappointed. Also, join them on Facebook for latest updates and work progress.

Area Nine Website

Till Later!

środa, 8 września 2010

Killzone BETA is available for download!

Well, that was a good read!


I read through these rules and scenarios quickly just couple minutes ago. There are definitely plenty good ideas, some great scenarios and reasonable alternations to army codices. What is KILLZONE? It's Kill Team, but fun! It's still in BETA version so they probably need people playing it and giving them loads of feedback. So don't hesitate and enjoy the new kind of funk :D I will be playing some games with my mates at the FLGS soon.

Click the KILLZONE logo for a link to download files. You're worth it! ;-)

wtorek, 7 września 2010

Lizardmen Commission #2

Today I started some colour testing on Skinks. The customer wants them red and here I'm testing if it's going to work to do Baal Red wash over yellows. The three stages of what I have just done are shown below:

I'm not sure if I'm 100% okay with the colours.I like the one ones with yellow base colours. I need to try some reds first or maybe mix Baal Red with some Devlan Mud.

sobota, 4 września 2010

Grot Orderly mini logo!

Well I like to tinker with my Photoshop :) Here it is a mini logo for my blog... what do you think?


Island of Blood on eBay!

EDIT: OMG! Please skip this post. It's such a nonsense... That's what you get for writing a post while extremely hungry after a 12h shift. Amazing gibberish! Hehe

With the release of the Island of Blood came the little rulebook. We all know how useful it is in gaming situations. You don't have to carry the awesome 500 page tome,  small rule reference is what you really need. The only way to get it is to buy the new Warhammer box set. £60 is not bad, as GW proves again that it can be done, and the value to quality is like OMG (to be very colloquial). I really wanted to get that little book so I have pre-order my own IoB box. When I had to part with the models yesterday putting them into envelopes for various people out there I felt like I actually want one for myself. Not the whole lot, just Skaven.

Oh right! It was supposed to be about IoB on eBay! So... yes, I sold almost every single model there is and was left with the shiny book! And it is awesome! All the pages are in full colour, I believe the pages numbers are as they are in the big book, but I'm not sure.

Ok, coming back to Skaven. You can find my earlier posts with Skaven army that I painted for my FLGS. I kinda like the rugged look they have so even though I had to paint like 50 of them, I decided to get my own. That's why I bought another box set. High Elves are going on eBay (here for my list of auctions). I will be putting them aside, for future, as I got too many things going as it is.

On a side note: did you notice the price of the mini rulebook alone? £14.99 to £19.99!!! Awesome! But that would be really lame. I got friends that need that book so one of them will be getting it for a reasonable price. Yes, they will have to pay me, I'm not THAT awesome... lol :D

czwartek, 2 września 2010

Blood Angels army for sale!

Phew! Just managed to post the Crimson Fists to a happy buyer and I've got another army to sell.
It's my mate's Blood Angels with two units of Death Guard, two Dreadnoughts and two characters. It's almost 1500 points except for two Drop Pods that need to be added. It has been painted by another mate who's CMoN profile you can find here!






The army will be out on eBay in the evening. Watch this space for a linky.

Till later!

środa, 1 września 2010

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