sobota, 11 września 2010

Epic Orks Warband

After last game, which was also my first game, of Epic 40k I decided to start painting models I've been buying of eBay for as little money as possible. 12 old style Battlewagonz for £3... come on!

So here it is, first warband painted by me:


I decided to give them a little bit of old school look by Goblin Green on the rim of the bases. I think it works really well. I'm not sure on the ides of basing Battlewagonz. I've seen people do that. What do you guys think? Base or no base? That is the question... lol

3 komentarze:

  1. Here's a vote for not basing vehicles!

  2. I never based any of my Epic vehicles other than things like dreads and buggies. Rhinos, battlewagons and on up=no bases, until you get to Titans, when bases start up again. ;-)

  3. I personally like bases on vehicles, but I guess its just a matter of taste really..


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