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Area 9 scenery - review

What makes your gaming table really come to life? Is it your nicely painted models? Yes... anything else? Well, you guessed right! Scenery! As it is pretty easy to get some stuff for 40k and Fantasy, with other systems it might be a bit of a challenge. When you play small scale games like Flames of War you need terrain, buildings and decorations that suit the historical period. Doing it yourself, as much as it can be fun, is time consuming. When you want to get something nice, quick... you need to spend money, loads of it. That's why you need to make sure you get a good quality product. And here comes Area 9.

Italian range

When it comes to Flames of War, they carry a huge range of different buildings like Italian, Russian and their latest range West European. What is special about their offer is that for most of the items you can choose if you want the stuff unpainted, painted or painted and weather (with the latest range at least). Go and check their prices for any specifics.

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Western Europe (weathered)

I have played many games on tables filled with their stuff and I must say: it does feel and look amazing. All of the buildings are cut into separate levels with floors. Usually you can fit two, three bases on each level which makes it exceptionally useful when garisoning a building.  The scale fits the models so well, you wish you didn't have to use bases so they would look even more life like.

Russian range

The quality of the resin is also great. No chipping, no scratching. It does not feel like it is about to fall apart. It is also lightweight. Easy to paint, easy to maintain.

So... if you play any 15mm games set in WW2 like Flames of War I would strongly recommend you go to their website and check the range and place an order! You won't be disappointed. Also, join them on Facebook for latest updates and work progress.

Area Nine Website

Till Later!

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  1. How much did you earn for that? :D

  2. Nothing. I really think his stuff is awesome. Wanted to share the linky. Well... wouldn't say no to a set of couple buildings for my Warsaw Rising project but a pat on the back is sufficient!


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