sobota, 11 września 2010

Epic Orks Warband #2

Another small warband. This time I decided to add some foliage. I got myself a tub of Army Painter Battlefields, Autumn Undergrowth. So much stuff in one tub! :D For Epic... it's going to last a lifetime and a half.

So here it is, my second warband with 'trees' and 'shrubberies':


I also decided to add some close-up photos of the first and second warband. Here they are:



What do you think?

2 komentarze:

  1. That's really nice. Glad to see the mix of the old infantry plastics with all the Stormboyz, Madboyz, Wildboyz and so on.

    Are any of these guys intended as Gretchin stands?

  2. Nope. I've got additional gretchin that I bought some time ago. Actually I just finished cutting out bases for them, sticking them on and priming them.

    Should be able to paint them tomorrow and post along with the third mob that has no Battlewagons for now.


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