niedziela, 13 listopada 2011

Lords section of my WFB Orcs

I have been working on my list. I have no special reason to do it, except for the will to get the stuff painted, eventually, and play some games with them. So here they are, Lords of my army:

I roll him as the army book prescribed. So no surprises there, 355pts of Fist-In-Yer-Face goodness.

I use this guy as a Black Orc Warboss. I give him Giant Blade, Helm of Discord and Enchanted Shield. 260pts of pure madness!

Orc Great Shaman. Pretty basic stuff. Haven't figured out what to give him. Any suggestions?

Same situation here. I have no idea how to boost those guys. Please help me out in comments, thanks!

sobota, 12 listopada 2011

Sentikanz painting progress

I finally decided to paint up these buggers. If it wasn't for a spilled water pot I would carry on painting, but I assumed Gork (or Mork) has given me a sign to stop. So far I got one kan waiting for a final highlight and some detail work and two more painted with base colours.

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