sobota, 16 października 2010

Crimson Fists Commisson #2

I did some work in my free time (well it's not actually 'free' as it is occupied with commission work) on the Space Marines I'm painting. Razorback is almost finished, Rhino is ready for washing, Assualt Squad is ready for some highlights and Scout Snipers need a bit of love in detailing department. All is good; the work should be finished by the end of the weekend and models sent off on Monday.

Here are the pictures:

piątek, 15 października 2010

FLGS, shop and podcast news

Couple busy day behind me. Couple things happened, big things. There are some things ahead of me. But I should cut the crap and get to the point. Stop stalling and tell you what happend.

First of all our FLGS Wargames Heaven has closed down for good. Don't know why they closed down, but as a Polish saying goes: if you don't know what is it all about, it's about money. But why was I busy? I am helping them out with getting rid of stock. So if you need any GW or Vallejo paints, give me a shout in the comments, hehe. I also got AT43, Urban War and some GW books and Tyranid models. I had to sort them things into boxes. Sorting out paints took me two days... yes; I got loads!

With the shop closure we lost our club. So we needed to find a new place to play our games. We found a pub, organised ourselves, started a forum and a Facebook page and we are ready to roll. The club is called Call of Dice. Here is the forum and here is the Facebook page. We are located in Brighton, UK, so if you are from around here you need to come and visit. It's not only wargaming club; we also play card and board games.

Also, we need a shop that will stop the GW monopoly in our area. So... there are ideas, there are people, there are plans. Now we need money, as always.
Also, on a related note me and couple mates are thinking of starting a podcast. A general gaming podcast. We should record first episode soon, maybe in the begining of November. Three of us should make an awesome show or so I hope. There's no website for it yet, but soon there will be and you will be the first ones to know about it.

Becuase of all this I didn't have much time for my commission work and that has put me a little behind the schedule. I'm still working on my Crimson Fists, Lizardmen and some Goblins... busy busy time ahead of me.

Till next time guys!

piątek, 8 października 2010

Black Library has delivered!

So, as I wrote in the post below, Black Library was expected to start digital distribution. Dan Abnett's First and Only has been released for free! As a part of Free Fridays there are four more FF ebooks coming. Please go and check it out!

I tried it on my iPhone and it looks pretty well. On your iBooks app it has an original cover and presents itself nicely on my digital bookshelf.

Try it if you have a Kindle or some kind of Sony reader... or any other and share your thoughts. Thanks!

Till later!

czwartek, 7 października 2010

Something to look forward to in October

No... I don't have Dark Eldar in mind. I'm thinking of Black Library milestone step of going digital. Yes! They are starting to release the books and audio downloads for Kindle, Sony readers and iPhone / iPad. That is something I have been waiting for for a long time. Being an owner of an iPhone and having read several books on it I'm really excited.

I only hope that the prices they decide to put on the ebooks will not be too high. The BL books are not that expensive so their ebooks should be comparable. Right now you can buy lots of books on Amazon and most of them are dirt cheap. Most in ranges of £2 - £5. If BL books are priced in theses brackets that is going to be huge! Even more so that they decided to re-release some old books.

One more thing we will have to wait and see is if the purchase is going to allow you to download the ebook in all formats or just one. What I mean by that is if I will be able to put the ebook on both my iPhone and my Kindle (that I'm planning to buy, damn you Vincent!).

So... what are your thoughts about it? Are you excited?

środa, 6 października 2010

My Raven Guard goes on eBay!

The time has come and I have to part ways with one of my favourite armies. Reasons? You all know them: I need money. I haven't played with my Raven Guard for a while now and it sort of just sits there in the box doing nothing.

Please visit to have a look, and if you could spread the word.

When time comes, I will be rebuilding the army using Forge World stuff. It's too sweet to miss. But until then, I will stick to my Orkses...

wtorek, 5 października 2010

Crimson Fists Commisson #1

Hi there!

A little update. The chap that has bought the Crimson Fists army has commissioned another couple models to expand his force. 5 Assault Marines, 5 Scout Snipers, Predator and a Rhino. Here is a picture of the progress  I made so far.

The Predator turret is almost finished, so are the sponsons. Both the hulls are waiting for detailing and a run of washes.
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