czwartek, 7 października 2010

Something to look forward to in October

No... I don't have Dark Eldar in mind. I'm thinking of Black Library milestone step of going digital. Yes! They are starting to release the books and audio downloads for Kindle, Sony readers and iPhone / iPad. That is something I have been waiting for for a long time. Being an owner of an iPhone and having read several books on it I'm really excited.

I only hope that the prices they decide to put on the ebooks will not be too high. The BL books are not that expensive so their ebooks should be comparable. Right now you can buy lots of books on Amazon and most of them are dirt cheap. Most in ranges of £2 - £5. If BL books are priced in theses brackets that is going to be huge! Even more so that they decided to re-release some old books.

One more thing we will have to wait and see is if the purchase is going to allow you to download the ebook in all formats or just one. What I mean by that is if I will be able to put the ebook on both my iPhone and my Kindle (that I'm planning to buy, damn you Vincent!).

So... what are your thoughts about it? Are you excited?

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