piątek, 29 maja 2009

Space Marine - the game, trailer

Well, I've seen the gameplay some time ago, like a year or something, but now we have an official cover art and a trailer.

That looks sweet. I hope the gameplay is gonna be as fun as rolling dice.

I want the release date TBA. Come on you Relic / Games Workshop people! Make me a game :D

środa, 27 maja 2009

Inquisitor model #2

So the model is finished, unless I find something I haven't done yet. Please feel free to point out what I have fcuked up. :)





poniedziałek, 25 maja 2009

Dev Squad #1 and Carnigoth rider

Couple hours spent on these minis. I'm really happy with the shoulder pad markings on them.
What do you think?




Also, I (almost) finished the rider for the Carnigoth.




The question remains: pin him or glue him?

środa, 20 maja 2009

Whooped Ass...

Yup! I got my ass whipped by my mate Vince today! Although I must say, odds were against me from start :/

It was dawn of war deployment and seize ground mission. So he started 24 inches into the board and I had to be 18 inches away from him. So being stuck on my objective I had to be defensive. And since I suck at this game, especially with space marines, I cowardly camped and picked off whatever came my way. Still, lost terribly. Not mentioning my WHOLE squad of 10 Vanguard getting wiped by 3 lucky shots from plasma cannons infilicting 14 hits. 10 guys... 380 points he wiped his ass with... darn!

Notes to self:

1. get some melta bombs!
2. get a librarian for my vanguard
3. use termies?
4. buy new box of die, these ones are unlucky :P

wtorek, 19 maja 2009

Something different

A model I bought some time ago. It comes from www.sciborminiatures.com.



The only thing missing is paint on goblin and leaves on the back of the egg shell.

Till then!

poniedziałek, 18 maja 2009

Carnigoth and Vindicare Assassin

Another night shift spent on painting. Pretty productive.

Here is the Carnigoth for my battlewagon crazyness:

And Vindicare Assassin that I found in my bitz box:

And a special something that I painted for my mate. Just a quick paint job to put it on the table:

czwartek, 14 maja 2009

środa, 13 maja 2009

A game for you all

What would happen if Karol got these to in his possesion? Plus had some time to work on them? Like until 30th of May, when a Mini Games Day takes place in local GW.

What would happen?
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