środa, 20 maja 2009

Whooped Ass...

Yup! I got my ass whipped by my mate Vince today! Although I must say, odds were against me from start :/

It was dawn of war deployment and seize ground mission. So he started 24 inches into the board and I had to be 18 inches away from him. So being stuck on my objective I had to be defensive. And since I suck at this game, especially with space marines, I cowardly camped and picked off whatever came my way. Still, lost terribly. Not mentioning my WHOLE squad of 10 Vanguard getting wiped by 3 lucky shots from plasma cannons infilicting 14 hits. 10 guys... 380 points he wiped his ass with... darn!

Notes to self:

1. get some melta bombs!
2. get a librarian for my vanguard
3. use termies?
4. buy new box of die, these ones are unlucky :P

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