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Thousand Sons are coming! Fenris burns!


Let me quickly give you a round up of what's in store for you from 3rd of December.

First of all we got the great Magnus the Red model 80GBP / 105EUR, but we all know about this one.

Wrath of Magnis, epilogue (?) to War Zone Fenris: Curse of the Wulfen with new rules, datasheets, psychic disciplines and formations for Chaos Space Marines (Thousand Sons) and Chaos Deamons (Tzeentch). 45GBP / 60EUR.

On top of that we got new models for Thousand Sons:
Rubric Marines (10 marines) 30GBP / 40EUR
Scarab Occult Terminators (5 terminators) 35GBP / 45EUR
Tzaangors (10 of them) 27.50GBP / 35EUR
Arch-Sorcerer of Tzeentch (1 miniature) 25GBP / 32.50EUR
Exalted Sorcerors (3 of them) 35GBP / 45EUR
Thousand Sons Dice (20x 16mm) 12.50GBP / 16.50EUR

Some paints are also coming out:
Ahriman Blue (layer) 2.55GBP / 3.30EUR
Thousand Sons Blue (base) 2.55GBP / 3.30EUR
Averland Sunset (spray) 11.75GBP / 15.50EUR
Stormvermin Fur (spray) 11.75GBP / 15.50EUR
The Fang (spray) 11.75GBP / 15.50EUR

War Zone Fenris: Legacy of Russ 15GBP / 20EUR to tie in with the Thousand Sons release.
Horus Heresy book Master of Mankind - no idea what this might be... any guesses? 20GBP / 25EUR

So that's it!
You have all seen the pics, so I am not posting them here. More pics on my FB.
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