piątek, 24 grudnia 2010

Now that was a loooong break!

I think it was two months since I last posted anything. It was due to the fact that I didn't have my laptop with me. Stupid Comet kept it in repair for that long. But fear not! I will update my painting and modelling achievements soon. Also, I started podcasting with my mate Mike. I will be posting links to the episodes over here too but we should soon be on iTunes (application sent) so there will be a link too.

Keep tuned in, I should have some photos for you in a matter of days.

Oh! And I got myself a copy of Ultramarines... heh! On that topic later ;)

sobota, 16 października 2010

Crimson Fists Commisson #2

I did some work in my free time (well it's not actually 'free' as it is occupied with commission work) on the Space Marines I'm painting. Razorback is almost finished, Rhino is ready for washing, Assualt Squad is ready for some highlights and Scout Snipers need a bit of love in detailing department. All is good; the work should be finished by the end of the weekend and models sent off on Monday.

Here are the pictures:

piątek, 15 października 2010

FLGS, shop and podcast news

Couple busy day behind me. Couple things happened, big things. There are some things ahead of me. But I should cut the crap and get to the point. Stop stalling and tell you what happend.

First of all our FLGS Wargames Heaven has closed down for good. Don't know why they closed down, but as a Polish saying goes: if you don't know what is it all about, it's about money. But why was I busy? I am helping them out with getting rid of stock. So if you need any GW or Vallejo paints, give me a shout in the comments, hehe. I also got AT43, Urban War and some GW books and Tyranid models. I had to sort them things into boxes. Sorting out paints took me two days... yes; I got loads!

With the shop closure we lost our club. So we needed to find a new place to play our games. We found a pub, organised ourselves, started a forum and a Facebook page and we are ready to roll. The club is called Call of Dice. Here is the forum and here is the Facebook page. We are located in Brighton, UK, so if you are from around here you need to come and visit. It's not only wargaming club; we also play card and board games.

Also, we need a shop that will stop the GW monopoly in our area. So... there are ideas, there are people, there are plans. Now we need money, as always.
Also, on a related note me and couple mates are thinking of starting a podcast. A general gaming podcast. We should record first episode soon, maybe in the begining of November. Three of us should make an awesome show or so I hope. There's no website for it yet, but soon there will be and you will be the first ones to know about it.

Becuase of all this I didn't have much time for my commission work and that has put me a little behind the schedule. I'm still working on my Crimson Fists, Lizardmen and some Goblins... busy busy time ahead of me.

Till next time guys!

piątek, 8 października 2010

Black Library has delivered!

So, as I wrote in the post below, Black Library was expected to start digital distribution. Dan Abnett's First and Only has been released for free! As a part of Free Fridays there are four more FF ebooks coming. Please go and check it out!

I tried it on my iPhone and it looks pretty well. On your iBooks app it has an original cover and presents itself nicely on my digital bookshelf.

Try it if you have a Kindle or some kind of Sony reader... or any other and share your thoughts. Thanks!

Till later!

czwartek, 7 października 2010

Something to look forward to in October

No... I don't have Dark Eldar in mind. I'm thinking of Black Library milestone step of going digital. Yes! They are starting to release the books and audio downloads for Kindle, Sony readers and iPhone / iPad. That is something I have been waiting for for a long time. Being an owner of an iPhone and having read several books on it I'm really excited.

I only hope that the prices they decide to put on the ebooks will not be too high. The BL books are not that expensive so their ebooks should be comparable. Right now you can buy lots of books on Amazon and most of them are dirt cheap. Most in ranges of £2 - £5. If BL books are priced in theses brackets that is going to be huge! Even more so that they decided to re-release some old books.

One more thing we will have to wait and see is if the purchase is going to allow you to download the ebook in all formats or just one. What I mean by that is if I will be able to put the ebook on both my iPhone and my Kindle (that I'm planning to buy, damn you Vincent!).

So... what are your thoughts about it? Are you excited?

środa, 6 października 2010

My Raven Guard goes on eBay!

The time has come and I have to part ways with one of my favourite armies. Reasons? You all know them: I need money. I haven't played with my Raven Guard for a while now and it sort of just sits there in the box doing nothing.

Please visit to have a look, and if you could spread the word.

When time comes, I will be rebuilding the army using Forge World stuff. It's too sweet to miss. But until then, I will stick to my Orkses...

wtorek, 5 października 2010

Crimson Fists Commisson #1

Hi there!

A little update. The chap that has bought the Crimson Fists army has commissioned another couple models to expand his force. 5 Assault Marines, 5 Scout Snipers, Predator and a Rhino. Here is a picture of the progress  I made so far.

The Predator turret is almost finished, so are the sponsons. Both the hulls are waiting for detailing and a run of washes.

wtorek, 21 września 2010

Space Hulk - Death Angel


Fantasy Flight Games is known for the quality of their games. I’m pretty sure that I have never heard of a game released by them that was a complete flop. Thus, my hopes for Death Angel were high. When I finally got my hands on the box I was more than happy.

It’s is a Silver Line edition, which apparently means it’s a compact size game stuffed into one small box and that is all you need to play. Well, maybe a bit of a table space, that’s it! The box, as always, has a nice textured feel to it. So do the size 3 cards. They got nice artwork on them fitting the Space Hulk Board Game perfectly by using GW illustrations from codices and rulebooks. All the familiar faces are there: Lorenzo, Omnio and others. It was a big shame putting them into sleeves but… you will want to protect them as most of the cards will be used a lot. The manual is written in a pretty straightforward way, but could do with more examples of gameplay, I think. It is a full colour 32 page booklet with a quick reference on the last page.


The game is designed to be played by one to six players and is played against the deck. Before you start playing you need to set up your gaming area. Yes, it’s a card game that looks like a board game to me, without actually using a board. You set up you blips, set up your locations and then your Space Marines. I will not go into detail on the game itself as I’m pretty sure you want to experience the fun of learning yourself. It takes a while to get your head around the rules, but when you do… oh boy!

When I and my mates played the first couple of games we thought the game is broken. You can’t win. Then I thought of Space Hulk the Board Game. You’re not supposed to win! There’s only couple of you against hordes of pissed of bugs. Winning the game is like getting the right numbers on the lottery. So, don’t worry if you loose! Keep on trying and you will get there.

(Being an OCD person I need to have everything perfectly lined up and fitting into boxes. When you put all the cards in their sleeves they simply don’t fit in the box. Well, not at first they don’t. There is a way to fit them in there and after a trial and error and some maths I managed to find a way: First pile: Genestealers + Brood Lords + Locations, second pile: Events + Space Marines + Actions, and the middle pile on top of the raised area: Terrain cards; all tokens stuffed inside the raised area.)

poniedziałek, 13 września 2010

Epic Orks Warband #3

I managed to paint another small warband and six stands of Gretchin. That warband doesn't have any Battlewagons... yet! They should arrive soon. The picture is big, so click on it to enbiggen.


What do you guys think?

sobota, 11 września 2010

Epic Orks Warband #2

Another small warband. This time I decided to add some foliage. I got myself a tub of Army Painter Battlefields, Autumn Undergrowth. So much stuff in one tub! :D For Epic... it's going to last a lifetime and a half.

So here it is, my second warband with 'trees' and 'shrubberies':


I also decided to add some close-up photos of the first and second warband. Here they are:



What do you think?

Epic Orks Warband

After last game, which was also my first game, of Epic 40k I decided to start painting models I've been buying of eBay for as little money as possible. 12 old style Battlewagonz for £3... come on!

So here it is, first warband painted by me:


I decided to give them a little bit of old school look by Goblin Green on the rim of the bases. I think it works really well. I'm not sure on the ides of basing Battlewagonz. I've seen people do that. What do you guys think? Base or no base? That is the question... lol

piątek, 10 września 2010

Area 9 scenery - review

What makes your gaming table really come to life? Is it your nicely painted models? Yes... anything else? Well, you guessed right! Scenery! As it is pretty easy to get some stuff for 40k and Fantasy, with other systems it might be a bit of a challenge. When you play small scale games like Flames of War you need terrain, buildings and decorations that suit the historical period. Doing it yourself, as much as it can be fun, is time consuming. When you want to get something nice, quick... you need to spend money, loads of it. That's why you need to make sure you get a good quality product. And here comes Area 9.

Italian range

When it comes to Flames of War, they carry a huge range of different buildings like Italian, Russian and their latest range West European. What is special about their offer is that for most of the items you can choose if you want the stuff unpainted, painted or painted and weather (with the latest range at least). Go and check their prices for any specifics.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Western Europe (weathered)

I have played many games on tables filled with their stuff and I must say: it does feel and look amazing. All of the buildings are cut into separate levels with floors. Usually you can fit two, three bases on each level which makes it exceptionally useful when garisoning a building.  The scale fits the models so well, you wish you didn't have to use bases so they would look even more life like.

Russian range

The quality of the resin is also great. No chipping, no scratching. It does not feel like it is about to fall apart. It is also lightweight. Easy to paint, easy to maintain.

So... if you play any 15mm games set in WW2 like Flames of War I would strongly recommend you go to their website and check the range and place an order! You won't be disappointed. Also, join them on Facebook for latest updates and work progress.

Area Nine Website

Till Later!

środa, 8 września 2010

Killzone BETA is available for download!

Well, that was a good read!


I read through these rules and scenarios quickly just couple minutes ago. There are definitely plenty good ideas, some great scenarios and reasonable alternations to army codices. What is KILLZONE? It's Kill Team, but fun! It's still in BETA version so they probably need people playing it and giving them loads of feedback. So don't hesitate and enjoy the new kind of funk :D I will be playing some games with my mates at the FLGS soon.

Click the KILLZONE logo for a link to download files. You're worth it! ;-)

wtorek, 7 września 2010

Lizardmen Commission #2

Today I started some colour testing on Skinks. The customer wants them red and here I'm testing if it's going to work to do Baal Red wash over yellows. The three stages of what I have just done are shown below:

I'm not sure if I'm 100% okay with the colours.I like the one ones with yellow base colours. I need to try some reds first or maybe mix Baal Red with some Devlan Mud.

sobota, 4 września 2010

Grot Orderly mini logo!

Well I like to tinker with my Photoshop :) Here it is a mini logo for my blog... what do you think?


Island of Blood on eBay!

EDIT: OMG! Please skip this post. It's such a nonsense... That's what you get for writing a post while extremely hungry after a 12h shift. Amazing gibberish! Hehe

With the release of the Island of Blood came the little rulebook. We all know how useful it is in gaming situations. You don't have to carry the awesome 500 page tome,  small rule reference is what you really need. The only way to get it is to buy the new Warhammer box set. £60 is not bad, as GW proves again that it can be done, and the value to quality is like OMG (to be very colloquial). I really wanted to get that little book so I have pre-order my own IoB box. When I had to part with the models yesterday putting them into envelopes for various people out there I felt like I actually want one for myself. Not the whole lot, just Skaven.

Oh right! It was supposed to be about IoB on eBay! So... yes, I sold almost every single model there is and was left with the shiny book! And it is awesome! All the pages are in full colour, I believe the pages numbers are as they are in the big book, but I'm not sure.

Ok, coming back to Skaven. You can find my earlier posts with Skaven army that I painted for my FLGS. I kinda like the rugged look they have so even though I had to paint like 50 of them, I decided to get my own. That's why I bought another box set. High Elves are going on eBay (here for my list of auctions). I will be putting them aside, for future, as I got too many things going as it is.

On a side note: did you notice the price of the mini rulebook alone? £14.99 to £19.99!!! Awesome! But that would be really lame. I got friends that need that book so one of them will be getting it for a reasonable price. Yes, they will have to pay me, I'm not THAT awesome... lol :D

czwartek, 2 września 2010

Blood Angels army for sale!

Phew! Just managed to post the Crimson Fists to a happy buyer and I've got another army to sell.
It's my mate's Blood Angels with two units of Death Guard, two Dreadnoughts and two characters. It's almost 1500 points except for two Drop Pods that need to be added. It has been painted by another mate who's CMoN profile you can find here!






The army will be out on eBay in the evening. Watch this space for a linky.

Till later!

środa, 1 września 2010

wtorek, 31 sierpnia 2010

czwartek, 26 sierpnia 2010

Skaven Commission #3 - Finished!

So here it is, the last model, Skaven Warlord.

And here you got the whole lot.

Pictures are bigger than you can see; click to enbiggen :)

Skaven Commission #2

Another couple models painted. Warlock, 2 Rat Ogres and Packmaster. The whole thing from Island of Blood is almost finished. One model left... Warlord!

I hope you like them... the last model and the whole army should appear here tomorrow!

Till then!

środa, 25 sierpnia 2010

Skaven Commission #1

I've been recently working on some models for my FLGS. It's Skaven models from the Island of Blood box set. I must say, the models look amazing! Such an awesome quality of moulds that is incredible it costs only £60. The only drawback I find is that Skaven and High Elf models are mixed together on the sprues so it will be more difficult to share a box set with your friend. But, if that allows them to put such amazing models for such a small price, I can live with that and you probably can too.

OK. So here are the models I finished so far.

I still got both Rat Ogres and Warlord and Warlock to paint.

Till later!

czwartek, 19 sierpnia 2010

Lizardmen Commission #1

I received all the models today. I'm still waiting for confirmation from the owner to what colours and schemes and what not. That's all the models on a paint thingy that I use.

I will be posting all the progress pics here so the owner and you my dear folk can gaze upon :D

środa, 18 sierpnia 2010

WFB Orcs - Doom Diver WIP

I've done some work on the awesome Doom Diver model I recently bought a veerrry old model and decided to use the actual diver on one, and the spring on the other unit. Yes, I decided to have to Doom Divers in my army. 80 points a pop is nothing :D and so much fun!


I'm not too sure about the spring. I might remove it and use something else. Don't know what though. Any suggestions?

poniedziałek, 16 sierpnia 2010

40k Orkz

On a side note: I decided to resurrect my Orkz too! That's what I got now, after a big sale. I need to strip some models but that's mainly troops and 3 Nobz.

I got
3 assembled / unpainted Deffkoptas
3 unassembled / unpainted Deffkoptas
6 Killa Kans
1 converted Dread
1 Battlewagon
3 Trukks
10 Gretchin with Runt
2 units of boyz with Nobz and Big Shoota
3 spare Nobz
5 Stromboyz with Zagstruk
1 Snikrot!
6 Burna boyz with Mek
4 Lootas


and that's like 1400 points without Snikrot and Lootaz.

Off to work!

Till Later!

Busy busy busy...

I was pretty busy getting started with Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I started collecting Orcs & Goblins, you guessed right? So until now I got myself two units of 20 orcs with two handed weapons and a unit of 40 orcs with spears and shields. My old unit of 40 goblins with spears and shields. They all need some more paint done on them, but they are game ready. I bought an old giant, 7 boar boyz and Avatars of Woe Black Orc Warboss.
There are also 20 goblin spider riders and 20 goblin archers.

I will post pictures when I finish painting whole units. For now some thoughts:

I have some problems with wining games. Chaos knights are the shit! They are whipping my ass so hard, I can't sit! I need to find a way to kill those bastards!

On the other unrelated note: I'm getting a commission coming. It's going to be a whole Lizardmen army. I will be posting pictures during the next couple weeks with the progress.

Till Later Guys!

czwartek, 17 czerwca 2010

Crimson Fists Army Commission

I have recently finished another project. This time it was an army consisting of models from AoBR box and some from BfM and some other models like Land  Speeder and a Devastator Squad.

I used an Army Painter spray to give them a base coat, then washed them with Badab Black. Detail work done was not extensive, but they had all bits painted: guns, skulls, chains, grenades and all that.

The army will be on sale from 10pm 17th June. £150 I want for it so if you're interested, please visit my auction page.

Some pictures are over here:







środa, 2 czerwca 2010

Legion of the Damned and Land Speeders

I finished painting my LotD today. I spent some time on the heavy weapons and I know that squad is illegal, but I want to have an option. But... Games Workshop product proved to be shit AGAIN! I wanted to cover the models with Purity Seal and well... it screwed up my models! I heard somewhere that spraying again with Purity Seal might help... but it didn't... FUCK YOU GAMES WORKSHOP!

I also finished painting my Land Speeders. Doing some detail work and all that jazz. The classic Land Speeder is from eBay, so that's why it is so weirdly built.

Here are the pics of both of them:

wtorek, 27 kwietnia 2010

Flames of Passion?

Oh it's been a while again since I posted anything. It's not my fault. It really isn't. My laptop is broken, still being serviced, and I just figured it out how post stuff from my phone.

One major thing happened during this couple of weeks. I started playing Flames of War. Unfortunately for me Mike from Wargames Heaven, my LGS, introduced me to this game and we became friends since then. Me and the game, not me and Mike. Me and him it's a completely different story.
I decided to collect an army that would represent my background and being polish it wasn't that difficult since the game is all about WW2. My love for big metal stuff has been reinvigorated by the sight of 1st Polish Armoured Division. So far I got 24 tanks. Actually that's a lie! I got 28. Another four Shermans have been painted for my Infantry Company. Yes, a second division I'm building. Yes, it's my new crack! Yes it costs me alot of money. Yes, yes, yes! Guilty as charged... just don't show my missus any of the receipts. Or the totals.

All that doesn't mean I haven't given any love to my 40k armies. My orks got one new Trukk and a new Battlewagon. My Raven Guard got a Predator and a squad of Legionaires o the Damned.

Warmachine also got a lick of paint. Started and almost finished painted Karchev the Terrible. I still need to finish of, hehe, two of my heavy jacks and that will be it.

I apologise for the lack of pictures, but it would be too much hassle uploading them via my phone. I will put up second part of this post with pictures or just post couple smaller ones concerning specific games. So till then!


niedziela, 14 marca 2010

New Kanz!

I picked up these Kanz last week and just had them finished today! :D I love the kit so much... it's full of bitz that leave so many opportunities for further conversions on your other models.

Here are the pics:




czwartek, 4 marca 2010

Slugga boyz mob finished!

Instead of doing small fixups on mobs from previous post I decided to get my fourth mob finished. It's all done except for their eyes. I need a steady hand for that, not today, hehe.


niedziela, 28 lutego 2010

Orky Love...

OK, so I didn't paint anything for last 3 days. Big whoop! Wanna fight about it? :) But, I opened my long forgotten large army case and found my orkz in there. I got them all out, grouped them into mobz and repacked them. I see now how much work I've got to do to make this army battle ready.

Here are some pics of the orkz at the moment and things I have to do with them. As soon as a unit is finished I will post a pic.

  • paint the pants
  • add some scorched grass
  • maybe some detail work (need a closer look)
  • paint the pants
  • paint bases with Scorched Brown
  • detail work (eyes, straps)
  • Nob needs a new paint job on his shoulder pad to fit them better
  • paint the pants
  • make and paint bases as above
  • detail work (eyes, straps, battle damage)
  • paint the bases as above
  • detail work
  • Nob needs some paint to fit them better
  • paint the bases
  • lots of detail work!
  • most of them need guns (sluggas)
  • banner!
  • bases
  • detail work
Otherwise I need lots of new orks for my army. I just covered two trays of orkz I got in my case. Two full trays. After I'm done with that I will concentrate on some vehicles or something.

'Till later!
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