wtorek, 31 sierpnia 2010

czwartek, 26 sierpnia 2010

Skaven Commission #3 - Finished!

So here it is, the last model, Skaven Warlord.

And here you got the whole lot.

Pictures are bigger than you can see; click to enbiggen :)

Skaven Commission #2

Another couple models painted. Warlock, 2 Rat Ogres and Packmaster. The whole thing from Island of Blood is almost finished. One model left... Warlord!

I hope you like them... the last model and the whole army should appear here tomorrow!

Till then!

środa, 25 sierpnia 2010

Skaven Commission #1

I've been recently working on some models for my FLGS. It's Skaven models from the Island of Blood box set. I must say, the models look amazing! Such an awesome quality of moulds that is incredible it costs only £60. The only drawback I find is that Skaven and High Elf models are mixed together on the sprues so it will be more difficult to share a box set with your friend. But, if that allows them to put such amazing models for such a small price, I can live with that and you probably can too.

OK. So here are the models I finished so far.

I still got both Rat Ogres and Warlord and Warlock to paint.

Till later!

czwartek, 19 sierpnia 2010

Lizardmen Commission #1

I received all the models today. I'm still waiting for confirmation from the owner to what colours and schemes and what not. That's all the models on a paint thingy that I use.

I will be posting all the progress pics here so the owner and you my dear folk can gaze upon :D

środa, 18 sierpnia 2010

WFB Orcs - Doom Diver WIP

I've done some work on the awesome Doom Diver model I recently bought a veerrry old model and decided to use the actual diver on one, and the spring on the other unit. Yes, I decided to have to Doom Divers in my army. 80 points a pop is nothing :D and so much fun!


I'm not too sure about the spring. I might remove it and use something else. Don't know what though. Any suggestions?

poniedziałek, 16 sierpnia 2010

40k Orkz

On a side note: I decided to resurrect my Orkz too! That's what I got now, after a big sale. I need to strip some models but that's mainly troops and 3 Nobz.

I got
3 assembled / unpainted Deffkoptas
3 unassembled / unpainted Deffkoptas
6 Killa Kans
1 converted Dread
1 Battlewagon
3 Trukks
10 Gretchin with Runt
2 units of boyz with Nobz and Big Shoota
3 spare Nobz
5 Stromboyz with Zagstruk
1 Snikrot!
6 Burna boyz with Mek
4 Lootas


and that's like 1400 points without Snikrot and Lootaz.

Off to work!

Till Later!

Busy busy busy...

I was pretty busy getting started with Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I started collecting Orcs & Goblins, you guessed right? So until now I got myself two units of 20 orcs with two handed weapons and a unit of 40 orcs with spears and shields. My old unit of 40 goblins with spears and shields. They all need some more paint done on them, but they are game ready. I bought an old giant, 7 boar boyz and Avatars of Woe Black Orc Warboss.
There are also 20 goblin spider riders and 20 goblin archers.

I will post pictures when I finish painting whole units. For now some thoughts:

I have some problems with wining games. Chaos knights are the shit! They are whipping my ass so hard, I can't sit! I need to find a way to kill those bastards!

On the other unrelated note: I'm getting a commission coming. It's going to be a whole Lizardmen army. I will be posting pictures during the next couple weeks with the progress.

Till Later Guys!
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