środa, 15 lipca 2009

Painting session

Objective markers, the green ones from Assault on Black Reach.


And turn counter of the same origin:


I'm also painting some Dwarfs from Skull Pass boxset, these ones will be for eBay.
Pictures soon...

Games of the Day

I had to exciting games today in the King & Queen pub with Brighton Warlords bunch.

First of them was the game against Bob and his Scythes of the Emperor. Three objectives, Dawn of War deployment, I go first. Well my Nob Bikers got wiped out by Vindicator, so that was a disappointment, but on the upside my 3 Killa Kans with flamers managed to flame 3 Land Speeders that tried to get to my objective. There was a bit of a brawl at the middle objective where SotE's Dreadnought fought a mob of 12 orks after he got out of the Drop Pod. My Deff Dread came in from reserves to help and managed to take it out from behind. Then 3 Land Speeders Deep Striked and couldn't damage the Deff Dread. So what he does is he stands there for a round immobilised waiting for 3 Killa Kans to arrive from around the corner.

The Killa Kans come and flame the Land Speeders and Deff Dread finishes them off from behind (again...) and thus my objective was saved.

Neither Dreadnought or Land Speeders got Explodes! results on the damage table, just Destroyed! So they were kinda in my way as you can see.

Killa Kans proved to be worth their points when they finally got onto the objective in front of them (left side of the picture) and stopped dead SotE Command Squad's charge. Dead, as in killed and flamed them to bits! The day was saved by Killa Kans. Good game balanced till the very end. I won with two objectives and Bob got one.

The other game was against my old adversary, Vince and his Blood Angels. Anihilation, 12" onwards the table, go!

Well... Deff Koptas with Big Shootas came on the table... got wiped out! Deff Koptas with Rokkits came on the table... got wiped out! Nob Bikers got on the table... got shot by 3 Lascannons and Heavy Bolters. The only damage was done by my Mega Nobz and Warboss where they killed of a Chaplain and his retinue and a Dreadnought with 2 close combat weapons.

The fight lasted 6 turns out of 7 of the whole game! Such a clash of skill against stubbornness. Good game! Lots of laugh and premeasuring :) Damn you! I lost 10 KPs against 4 KPs...

Good games = good fun!

Looking forward to doubles tournament in August...

wtorek, 14 lipca 2009

Magnetised Razorback (2 options)

So after calculating my remaining Space Marines I found out that I'm a Razorback with TL Lascannons short of another 1500 pts. Thus, I traveled to GW store on a sunny Sunday (12th July) and purchased Razorback box. 13th July, 1700 hours my Razorback looked like that:


I'm really happy with the Lascannon turret...


And the Heavy Bolter turret...


środa, 8 lipca 2009

Ork Warbikers!

Finally, after hearing here and there about how good they are I decided to make my own. As I had 3 Deff Koptas already converted into bikers, I decided to use my two spare ones to make it a nice 5 man (ork) squad including a Painboy.

So... here they are.

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Here in the middle is the mighty Painboy and his disgustingly dirty 'Urty Syringe

Here is the fourth guy I build today with lots of Dakka, thanks to Axel (cheers mate!)

And one of the old guys wielding an 'Uge Choppa (he still needs some GS work done on him)

And just to show you the difference betweeb these and the GW ones...

I hope u like them, feel free to post your comments and opinions... ta!
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