środa, 8 lipca 2009

Ork Warbikers!

Finally, after hearing here and there about how good they are I decided to make my own. As I had 3 Deff Koptas already converted into bikers, I decided to use my two spare ones to make it a nice 5 man (ork) squad including a Painboy.

So... here they are.

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Here in the middle is the mighty Painboy and his disgustingly dirty 'Urty Syringe

Here is the fourth guy I build today with lots of Dakka, thanks to Axel (cheers mate!)

And one of the old guys wielding an 'Uge Choppa (he still needs some GS work done on him)

And just to show you the difference betweeb these and the GW ones...

I hope u like them, feel free to post your comments and opinions... ta!

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