sobota, 4 września 2010

Island of Blood on eBay!

EDIT: OMG! Please skip this post. It's such a nonsense... That's what you get for writing a post while extremely hungry after a 12h shift. Amazing gibberish! Hehe

With the release of the Island of Blood came the little rulebook. We all know how useful it is in gaming situations. You don't have to carry the awesome 500 page tome,  small rule reference is what you really need. The only way to get it is to buy the new Warhammer box set. £60 is not bad, as GW proves again that it can be done, and the value to quality is like OMG (to be very colloquial). I really wanted to get that little book so I have pre-order my own IoB box. When I had to part with the models yesterday putting them into envelopes for various people out there I felt like I actually want one for myself. Not the whole lot, just Skaven.

Oh right! It was supposed to be about IoB on eBay! So... yes, I sold almost every single model there is and was left with the shiny book! And it is awesome! All the pages are in full colour, I believe the pages numbers are as they are in the big book, but I'm not sure.

Ok, coming back to Skaven. You can find my earlier posts with Skaven army that I painted for my FLGS. I kinda like the rugged look they have so even though I had to paint like 50 of them, I decided to get my own. That's why I bought another box set. High Elves are going on eBay (here for my list of auctions). I will be putting them aside, for future, as I got too many things going as it is.

On a side note: did you notice the price of the mini rulebook alone? £14.99 to £19.99!!! Awesome! But that would be really lame. I got friends that need that book so one of them will be getting it for a reasonable price. Yes, they will have to pay me, I'm not THAT awesome... lol :D

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