wtorek, 4 października 2011

Honey, I'm home!

So the move went well. I'm now organising my life back in Poland and it's going pretty smooth actually. So far.
As a true hobbyist I started of with getting my lair sorted.

I got my 6"x4" table ready and full of stuff as you can see. I will take pictures of it when it's done, but for now this has to do.

This is the same room from the opposite corner of the room. It looks even worse then the previous picture.

This will be my painting room when I get done with the main one. It's smaller, but that's going to make it easier to heat it up. You know in Poland we got proper winters, not just autumns with more rain and gloom all over.

And just to prove I'm hardcore, that's my room. Just a mattress on the floor. Waiting for the wife to move in and sort out the décor. I can't be bothered with that crap.

So... there will be no painting posts for a while; until I get the room sorted. Considering I landed yesterday I did quite a lot. I'll talk to you later gang!

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