piątek, 23 września 2011

Temporary break...

Hello guys! As some probably noticed, I have had a break recently. Not due to my laziness, but due to certain customer unfriendly companies not caring about their paying customers. Namely: Whatever Happens / KnowHow. They are very crap at sorting your laptop repair. I will speak to you more on that when I get my stuff unpacked in Poland which will be more or less on 3rd October.

For now, just to prove that I have not been lazy I would like to show you two pics of my lately painted minis: I have decided to try my luck and skill at blending and layering. Here are two models painted for my mate's shop intro table. I thought why not and went to town with them. I know it's just intro table, but they look awesome and I hope they will not get nicked!

This here is obviously the Assault on Black Reach warboss:

This one here is the Space Marine captain:

And these here the DeffKoptas:

I know the bases are a bit bare, but I wasn't sure what the intro table will be like so I left them in a state that will allow Luke (the owner of the shop) to do whatever with them, even repaint them.

I will try to take pictures of the models in the shop. But I got a bit limited time here in UK as I have to work until 25th and all my stuff gets picked up by moving company on 29th. Got most of it packed.

Well, I talk to you guys when I get home and unpack my stuff a bit! Till later gang!

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  1. Looking good dude, i'll try not to steal them next time i'm in the shop, c u on the flipside or not as the case may be or maybe at the club before you go...


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