wtorek, 11 października 2011

First game in new place

Today me and my brother decided to have a game. I decided to play Dystopian Wars as it is an amazing game and we didn't need to write up any army lists since we used two starter sets: him - Prussians and I - Blazing Suns.

That's my brother NOT realising he's getting his ass kicked.

The game was, as always with Dystopian Wars, fun. He learned the basic rules of linking fire, splitting fire, moving and turning. It was pretty cool. I managed to play my Blazing Suns (BS) 'trains' as Prussians: full ahead and didn't use my P/S Guns.

As some of you know Prussians are good in barging in among the enemy and using their Broadsides all over the place. BS are not good at it, they seem to be better at circling the enemy on Band 2 and using all their Rockets and P/S Guns. But that was only the first game I played with BS and I will probably revise my conclusions later on. We'll see!

That's how effective Blazing Suns guns were.

Till later gang!

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