wtorek, 25 stycznia 2011

Malifaux ideas

So I managed to paint all those bugs yesterday. I feel like the weekend didn't go to waste. But now, I need to play some Malifaux, and to do that, I need to paint, buy and sculpt some models. Yes! Sculpt...

I have never done it, so it will be an excitine adventure. What I need to do is this:

I feel like I actually could pull this off. Well, not exactly the same looking model, but something similarly ugly. Since I have never sculpted anything beyond a skull or a bottom of a Space Marine boot I thought of basing the mini on an actual skeleton, same one as I used for those zombies here. Then I could layer green stuff all over it creating muscles and other bits and bobs. I found this tutorial on YouTube and I am watching it tonight in bed. Looks kind of straightforward.

The worst case scenario I will waste some green stuff and end up with a shapeless pulp. No biggie.

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