środa, 19 stycznia 2011

TerrainLinx from WorldWorks Games

As some of you may know, me and two of my mates are involved in running a local gaming club, Call of Dice.
We have couple Warmachine and Malifaux players and we decided we need nice terrain for those systems. But building scenery is something I never excelled at. I like doing it, but it usually turns out half as good as I imagined or I manage to screw it up in the process. So i turned to Google for help and found these guys...

I know what some of you might say, that it made out of paper and will look crap. But actually what I find brilliant about it is the design, repeatability and ease of build.

What we need in the club is scenery that could change from week to week, or even from game to game. We are a bit limited on the amount of space that we can have in the pub's storage. When I saw how little space these boards take up I was hooked. With this system you can build floor tiles, buildings filled with props, multi-leveled buildings and bridges. Every building can be set up in many different ways, your imagination and amount of elements your only limit. And when you run out of walls, for instance, or they get damaged; simply print them out, cut them out and glue them together! K.I.S.S.!

This is a quick mock up with what models I had at hand. I built these two walls in matter of 5 minutes, mind they are my first TLX builds. I have used double sided tape instead of glue as I'm worried about warping. The bits are not perfect, because I used 200gsm paper and 110gsm is recomended.

As you can see they scale up perfectly even with 40k models. When I get some time and do floor tiles, pillars and another set of walls I will post pictures so you can see how awesome it looks.

Now, how expensive was it to buy? Not very. £7 for a PDF with all instructions and loads of different elements. You can obviously print them as many times as you want. So, £7 can give you a tablefull of terrain! And with the interchangeability of elements the possibilites are endless!

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  1. Looks really good! That is the terrain does, not the marines. Marines never look good :)

  2. not 110gsm. 110lb cardstock. 80lb coverstock in a really good choice, too. 200gsm is a similar thickness to 110lb. Pound does not equal gram.

    You might also want to check out Ebbles Supply Depot for your paper modeling supplies. Mel's a great guy, he's working with the WorldWorks guys now (old catalog of models should be up in their store by the end of March), and he started the supply depot as a way to get his forum members the best prices on the best tools. He ships reams of 80lb cover stock (cover, not card) for really good prices, and the other tools are awesome. (I love my SVR-2 and my Alumicutter!)



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