sobota, 22 stycznia 2011

Avalanche of projects! - End of day one

Since weekends are the only days I can spend with my wife I didn't do a whole lot. But there is progress on the Genestealers (they are almost finished) and here are the pics of my Malifaux as it is today. Also, a special treat!

Zombies in both forms, a token and a 'living' zombie.

The samurais and the Undertaker. Based with Scorched Brown.

The Genestealers after: base of Adeptus Battlegrey, Scorched Brown and Badab Black on the carapace and Liche Purple on tongues and flesh bits. Also Tin Bitz as base for metal parts and overcoat of Boltgun Metal.

And the special treat from months back! That's who is going to fight them in the claustrophobic corridors of the hulk from space :D

I recently have purchased those Battlefoam trays for Space Hulk from Wayland Games. It's £18 for the set with special bottom trays for all the terrain and such. Funny thing though is the way they can't use the name Space Hulk and have to keep using 'the corridor board game in space' or something similar... hilarious!

I should finish those Genestealers tomorrow, and get on with the samurais, or the zombies. It all depends how much time I have.

'Till Later

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