wtorek, 4 stycznia 2011

Not so much painting done...

As every one I had a period of complete no painting. I don't know why that happens sometimes. Theoreticaly I should paint more, want to play more. Since our local shop has shut down, we started our own club in one of the local pubs. I'm one of the three people that runs it. But I haven't played a single miniture game since then. It has been 7 weeks of gaming in the club, I believe, and not once I was even tempted. I started playing board games, yes; I haven't lost my geek completely.

I dragged through two comissions I had to finish off and that was a real pain I tell you. But! Today I was viewing come of the threads I subscribe to on Warseer and I got my painting feeling back, I think. I want to paint, I want to finish off my models, my armies. I made a deal with myself that I won't buy any models unless I finish what I got. I have been a pretty good boy so far. Haven't spent a penny on models. Books yes... so there I cheated a little bit.

Me and two of my mates we started a podcast. I have been busy with getting the whole thing set up. iTunes, hosting, blog and all other bits and bobs you need to do to get the show on the proverbial road. It's fun being part of something like that. I don't have a celebrity feeling yet, but I haven't shown my bum or manboobs on telly either. Oh, btw, the links to the podcast are on the right hand side. You are more than welcome to go to iTunes and download the first Episode.

So yes, podcasting, club and Black Ops and Battlefield Bad Company 2... Yes... I have wasted a lot of time on those. But I don't want to bore you with console games on my miniatures painting blog. Wrong place. What I will do is eventually get my camera set up and take pictures of the stuff I have painted recently, those comissions, and start working on something new. Or just finish off the stuff I have

So the stuff to paint (either completely unpainted or started):
* Space Hulk - Genestealers
* Space Hulk - Marines
* Malifaux - Samurai Zombies
* Malifaux - Undertaker
* Malifaux - Zombies with Dead Counters
* Warmachine - two Jacks and one Demolition Corps Sergeant
* Epic - two Great Gargants
* Epic - some random models I got from my mate Soya
* 40k - Ork Battlewagon
* 40k - 6 Deff Koptas
* 40k - couple details on some of my Raven Guard

I think that's all there is. The only thing I need to do is to keep myself motivated. That's hard recently...

Till Later!

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