piątek, 4 lutego 2011

All your base are belong to... Khemri Brown!

I know that the 'normal' way of doing up a model is starting with getting the model painted and then basing it. Some people, base the model first, then paint it and then paint the basing material or whatever they used to finish off the bases. For some reason I like to, in case of horde armies, start off with basing and painting the bases.

When you look at the pictures below it seems like they are meant to be black. They have a look of a semi finished product. With that done I can concentrate on painting skin on some of them, then weapons, then all other detail. All that time, the models are tied in with the army and I got a feeling that when having all my models based makes my side of the battlefield look so much better. Also, no one can tell me I play with unpainted / grey models. There have been some effort put into them, just in a reversed order.

So here are 2 units of gretchin and 2 units of orks for my future army. Nothing to like or dislike I guess, just have a look:

2 komentarze:

  1. Nice! Funny to read your starting a Waaagh as I am too and have painted the same units as you. I will keep following you.
    Have a look at my blog to see my finished gretchin.

  2. Yep, thats the way I do it do. For more elaborate models I paint the model and the base seperately and then glue them together. But for my orks I did it like you described above. I want to finish all the messy, drybrushing stages first and then move unto painting the rest of the model.

    And Khemri Brown must be one of my favourite colours of all time. First of all its very versatile. I used it on my Vanguard Veterans to undercoat skulls, ropes and scroll. Then I used different washes for each part and a different layer of colour and they turned out looking very different. Then, it covers very nicely and smoothly and I really appreciate that. Keep up the good work!


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