czwartek, 3 lutego 2011

Why there are so many spores in my wardrobe?!

Yes, some of you who may have followed this blog from the very beginning would know, that I love my orksiez... I just recently have sold an entire army of them, just because I got scammed on eBay (partly my fault tbh) and had to fill up the whole on my PayPal account. Anyways... on a Monday's visit to Brighton Warlords club (yes, we have to clubs running in Brighton & Hove area) I have met with a very inspiring dude called Darren. I have seen his work on orkz before, but some of his recent conversions are just stunning. I will try and get some pics if I get a chance next Monday. So, upon seeing his orkz, something inside me screamed... wagh! It wasn't too loud, well it was INSIDE ME and I am a big bloke so mu guts sort of muffled the sound, but it was a Little Waagh! nonethelesss.

I came home that night and thought... damn, it's shame that I only have those 3 DeffKoptas, 3 Trukks, Carnigoth and Battlewagon left. I aimlessly wandered to my clothes / miniatures wardrobe and started opening boxes of stuff for no apparent reason.

To my surprise that's what I have found:

First squad of Gretchin painted with Pure-Wash technique

Second squad of Gretchin
(1 of them is from Stompa kit, the one jumping over a cannon ball)
These two squads are perfects for objective control... Lay them on the ground and wait!

These boyz have actually been painted by Darren
(the guy I mentioned earlier)
I'm going to use Snikrot as a Nob or as Snikrot depending on what other models I find and how many points I need.

Kommando Nob as a boyz Nob...bad ass!

I think these guys are from AoBR set. Their arms are funny.

Ok, I have arranged them into squads. But they were simply thrown in my bits box. I also have 5 AoBR Nobz from my mate Soya, and managed to find another 4 old metal Nobz and build another 5 from the Nobz sprues that I somehow had stashed in my bits box. So I will have plenty of Nobs to accompany my Warboss in his Battlewagon.

Oh and I also found 4 Lootas with Mek and 6 or 8 Burnas. That's way over 1500 points. I got plenty of choices to build my new Ork army. I will be making a Big Red One :D This name keeps poping into my head thanks to my mate Mike, who plays BR1 in Cold War Commander. I shall take this name and wear it proud on the shoulders of my orkseez!

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