środa, 16 lutego 2011

We will stomp ya to da deff!

Ha! What a comeback! I haven't played 40k in a looong while and yet managed to pull of two victories in one night! Me and mate A. decided to go back into 40k before the local tournament we are going to attend in April. And, we both are sort of on a 'nah' side of big games. Thus, we decided to get our Kill Zone teams ready. A system I mentioned some time ago. He got himself his Blood Angels team and I got my, you guessed right!... ORKS!

OK, so that's the team that I played: 3 boys with a nob, 4 lootas and a mek and a Killa Kan. We played 200pts worth of a game so there was plenty of upgrades that I don't want to bore you with now.

Let me just say what an awesome game of bad luck that was for him. He managed to fail all the important saves and yet I managed to pull of all my sneaky tactics I came up with!

Let's see some picture...

Late at night a small warband has been sent out to destroy odd looking pylons in the middle of an old human city. They didn't know what they were, but they didn't like anything shiny popping up in the middle of no man's land so their warboss told them to 'Krushh Yyt!!' So they did. They ventured forth only couple orks strong but took a kill kan for good measure.

They took some of those lootaz with them to cover the flank and offer support. This nob really needs to get a bigger warband, obviously it's not all mud down there in his huge skull.

When they arrived on the site they noticed some inquisitve canned-humanz wandering around. 5 red, they probably run faster, and 3 odd and mean looking squishy dudes in black armour. Red orky eyes couldn't see them properly... So they proceeded to destroy the wierd pylons and managed to get rid of them in one turn.

And orky nob was right again! The red ones started off with lots of running and moving into kunning positions. The nob didn't like it.

He ordered the killa kan to go and squish some of them before they get to him. So the kan rushed forward and shot, missing his rokkit horribly. Then the other three boyz were sent out to assist. They managed to kill one oomie with their sluggaz.

The kan just remained in place looking mean and scary, not very effective against those oomanz as it appeared later on.

After the kan failed to do any damaged whatsoever the or boys stepped in to lend him a hand or a choppa or two...
That proved to be good help, especially when lootas in the back got rid of all other threats letting them boyz do the work uninterrupted.

Next day game and the oomies came back for some stomping!

But the boys new their kunning tactics and surprised them with lots of choppas and big guns.

The kan promised to do better this time and positioned himself away from any threats. The nob had a rough talk to him after the last failure and told him that he is meant to be a oomie magnet this time.

The lootas being very effective, positioned themselves in the buildngs to get a good view of the pylon site.

This nob does really know what he's doing. He positioned himself and the boys close enough to get a kill and then moved back to draw a oomie into range of the lootas waiting there with their twitchy trigger fingers!

When it got to combat it turn very bloody and brutal. The nob got wounded and had to flee the battlefield later on.

His boys have finshed the job though and lootas wiped the whole place clean.

The nob has healed his wounds already, awesome orky metabolics, and is up for another go!

'Till next time!
You squishy oomies... har har har! :D

5 komentarzy:

  1. I really liked the whole narrative :)

  2. Thanks! I like wiriting simple stories like that, eventhough I'm nor really good at it. Makes me a happy panda... grot! I meant grot!

  3. I'd read more of stories like this one ;)

  4. I shalt be looking forward to it (with me eyeballs)...


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