poniedziałek, 28 lutego 2011

Boar Chariots and 10 Goblin Spider Riders

OK, so the Spidery things need weapons and static grass done. I'm not sure how I want the weapons done to be perfectly honest. After seeing those awesome pics of Savage Orcs with their brutish stone weapons I kinda like the idea. Although 20 Night Goblin Spearmen have their weapons painted metal.

Anyways, here are the pics...

Both Boar Chariots

10 Spider Riders (weapons, webs and grass still to be done)

Three units together for a group Waaagh! shot.

Also, I need your opinion on something. I tend to post pics of WIP. Do you like them? Or would you prefer me to post only the pics of finished stuff?

Voice your opinions in the comments! Thanks!

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