wtorek, 1 lutego 2011

Malifaux gaming

Today in the Call of Dice club I had a game of Malifaux, obviously, againsty my mate Soya. We played a game of 37 points. I played with my crew using Nikodem, Mortimer, Flesh Construct, Hanged, 3x Samurai and summoned 4 zombies at most. He used his gang of gremlins with Som'er Teeth Jones and Ophelia (if I'm not mistaken) with lots and lots of other minor gremlins.

He won 6:2 by achieving his Schemes. I scored my points by placing 2 tokens at every quarter and by having more tokens then my opponent has models.

It was my second game of Malifaux and I still have lots to learn. I still have to find those inter-relations between characters and what and when they can do anything of any importance.
What I noticed though is that I need to keep Mortimer close to Nikodem and keep digging! Get those zombies out and about, Bolster Undead and send them forward. Also keep the samurai close by to attack and shield Nicodem from any long range weapons. I will also like to use my Flesh Construct and The Hanged to draw opponents attention.

Any thoughts?

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