sobota, 26 lutego 2011

Something different today

After reading the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated I got sort of inspired to do sth for my Flames of War army. This one over here is just a test model to see IF I can do that and what mistakes to avoid while making it.

So there are three issues I noticed:

1) the back part is covered with cardboard (you can't see it in ths photo) - I need to use styrofoam glued with PVA glue, not cardboard with glue gun, more room for errors and later modifications, also no gaps

2) I'm not sure about the scale of it, it seems a bit too shallow - need to make another one a bit taller / deeper

3) I need vertical poles to hold the wooden planks - I omitted them on purpose to save myself some time at this one, will do them for all others

Comments from you guys are always welcome!

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