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Crushing skulls, sipping blood... all for charity

Yesterday, February Sunday 13th, I helped my mate S. from Mighty Miniatures blog to run a charity tournament in our local Brighton Warlords club. It was a 1600 points Fantasy Tourney ran to raise money for PDSA.

We had 30 players taking part, four games and all day to roll the dice. I'm not sure, but I think we raised over £300 that will be transfered to PDSA'a accounts soon. But, that's the boring part.

The interesting thing is that we had more evil armies than the good ones, I believe the ratio was 2:1. Even so, one Wood Elves army managed to get to the third place!

Also a good idea for all those of you who organise tournaments was an introduction of a Lucky Re-roll! You should only do it in tourneys that no one takes too serious anyway. How does it work? Well, every player had a chance to buy himself one Lucky Re-roll. It's one re-roll for the whole tournament, not every game. We agreed that it could also be a re-roll of a re-roll... to make things even more fun!

Almost all of our participants used their Lucky Re-rolls. Most of them brought some good results, some of them didn't. I remember one lucky re-roll that helped a player to get rid of a Stegadon off the table.
So it was all fun, people enjoyed their games immensly. It took us from 9:30am till 7:00pm to finish all games, count up and announce results.

We also had some prizes, in form of GW vouchers, sponsored by one of our club members who likes to support his local community. Thanks A.S.!

It was a good experience for me to run a tournament. Well, help out. But still, good fun! If I had to say one thing for a tournament like this, don't even think of doing any calculations on a piece of paper. My laptop saved us and we were able to announce victors only 5 mins after we got last results in.

4 komentarze:

  1. Kinda strange the Lucky Re-Roll was just a one-off... you could have added to the money raised by just selling them out left and right...

  2. Well, that would be too bent :P

  3. yes, but I thought the point was to raise money rather than keep rules intact :P

  4. Yeah, but S. didn't want to break the tourney


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