środa, 2 marca 2011

I got myself a table, woot!

I had dreams... rectangular dreams. I wanted a table for skirmish games like Kill Zone, Malifaux and Warmachine. Also, some small 40k and Battle.
I wanted something that will not take up too much space in my small flat. Modular table was in order. After browsing through B&Q catalogue I decided to go for two 2'x 4' boards, MDF 9mm thick. I attached both parts with gaffer tape and some staples. Then some more gaffer tape.

I couldn't stop myself from having a small photo shoot. I dug out my Polish 1st Armoured Division of tank infantry. Here you can see them going through a small italian city.

And that's how my table looks like from a little bit farther away:

What do you think?

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