wtorek, 22 marca 2011

Cyborks and Panzers... busy day!

After more then a week off hobby I'm back again.

In that time I managed to spread the hobby bug to my brother who is now starting his own army of Imperial Guard. As a birthday present I bought him a Battleforce and he bought a Basilisk. I told him how to do stuff, I gave him some basic tools. Now it's up to him to get the bastards ready for my choppy orks.

In those two days since he left, I managed to work a little bit on my cyborks; nobz with cybork bodies. I want the convertions to be based on Necrons. Their bits look techie enough to pull it off. Also I will be using Scarabs as faces! Here are the examples...

They are not finished though. I'm still thinking of doing some kind of rebreather under the mask. I already glued a pipe under the chin and it needs to be green stuffed. Pictures will follow when I do some work on them.

I have done some work on a Big Mek with Kustom Force Field...

Also, in the spirit of a hobby bug me and my brother bought Panzers... I got Panzer Ausf. L and my brother Ausf. M. The models are made by Revell in 1:72 scale. It took me 3 hours to glue it together and another hour to do some battle damage and transfers.

I have to do weathering on it, but I'm still not sure if I want to use just paints or go with the proper weathering kits and fill the tracks with muck and such. I will have to leave it for later as commission work is piling on and I need to get cracking!

Anyways, my brother has finished his tank too:

He still needs to paint it and to other bits, but it is all good for someone who haven't touched a blade or plastic glue in more than ten years.

So, till next time my dear readers!

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