środa, 30 marca 2011

work commissioned - money paid - eyes strained

I have so much work recently I don't know where to start!
24 Ork Kommandos
20ish Ork Stormboys
100 Savage Orcs!

Phew... I will be busy until mid April, at least! Luckily I will have a fun day at Salute where me and the gang (literally, there's like 30 of us going in a pack) will be recording a special episode of the podcast. That shall be fun!

We have got Battlefront, Wargames Illustrated, Hasslefree, Kallistra, EM4 Miniatures confirmed... fun will be had.

As soon as I finish the first commission, the Kommandos I will rush over here to post a picture. It HAS to be by Friday night. The customer wants to use them in the tourney on Saturday! Pressure! :D

Also, click the panel on the right to go to our podcast and lsiten to us talk funny stuff about Grey Knights, Tropic Lightning and some new models from Black Scorpion Miniatures, Avatars of War and GW...

Till Later Gang!

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