wtorek, 8 marca 2011

Finished Spider Raiders and a preview of things to come

Phew! I have done the missing details on the Spider Raiders, the second lot. Both of the units don't have weapons and eyes done, but that's intentional; I still don't know if I want to make them look like stone or metal... still thinking.

Also, I will be painting 14 Stormboyz, Zaggsttruk and a Warboos for my mate from Mighty Miniatures blog. That's just a finishing off job for a table top standard, but as I always do with my mates' models, they will probably get a little bit more than TT and I will make them look nice. Anyways, here's how they look right now:

So visit my blog in couple days to see progress...

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  1. The squad I most want to add to my Goblin army after the Arachnorok Spider is Spider Riders, also squig hoppers. I think I'm just about done with painting goblins on foot, well 11 and a bunch of shields and bases from being done... [sigh]

    You painted all the spiders the same color and dry brushed them for speed, I'm too much of a perfectionist, I'll have to see what I can come up with to speed up the project. I've gotten pretty good at highlighting black the standard way, or my standard way.


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