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Arachnarok Spider - review

Arachanrok Spider on its own

OK, so after buying the model this morning I decided to get my hands cut and superglued together in the process of putting it together. I whipped out my plastic cutter and off I went to the land of two sprues and lots of tiny bits with numbers on them. One by one the Arachnarok Spider (AS) started to take shape. You can notice straight away how well all the parts fit. It's just amazing how high quality this model is. I mean I have put together LOADS of models in my time, Italeri, Revell, Airfix and many more less known brands, but what GW has done with their plastics lately is incredible.

Arachnarok Spider with howda and the Flinger

But the AS itself is not as surprising as the howda! I have never been aware that there is a system to put twigs together. I mean, the way GW moulded the thing is unbelieveable! Don't get me wrong, I am no GW fan boy... but you need to pay respect to those guys in front of their CADs or 3-ups or whatever they're using. This thing is so easy to put together even a spastic 10 year old could do it. I mean yeah you need to be careful and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS like your life depends on it... but it is possible to put the whole thing in 20 minutes.

Arachnarok Spider with shaman mount (not as GW wants you to put it)

OK, onto some specifics:
As I said above the spider bits fit well and are easy to cut out and glue together. Too easy I would say. If one wanted to repose the thing, there would have to be some filing and green stuffing done before it would be possible. As to the howda... I am still impressed. The only thing I didn't like is there is now way to keep all your three variants possible to assemble. There are some twigs that can be glued in one way or another to accomodate a sling, or Flinger, holder or a shaman. Also there is this little spider that I didn't put on the model, that would hold the Flinger in place. If you are ready to go for some sacrifices you can have all three variants, but you will be missing on some extraordinare details. One should be also careful when cutting out the gobbos, especially between their legs. It is easy to cut off a leg or two if using blunt cutters or a blade. BE CAREFUL!

All the tiny gobbos and the shaman. Also notice the small spiders!

All in all, a great model! I don't regret spending £36 on it at all! It's huge, it's going to be a great asset to my army and it's going to be bucket loads of fun to paint! So... if you like those Orcs & Goblins things, or you like to put together amazing models just so you can paint them later on: go and get yourself one! I'm loving it! :]

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  1. ooh, a good photo without the howdah on there! Now I can try to figure out how to use this with my exodite army...


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