środa, 1 czerwca 2011

Finecast - double trouble and problem resolution

So as you probably read in one of the previous posts I have had some problems with the two Finecast models I have purchased on the day of release; Ghazghkull and Black Orc Big Boss. They were miscasts with loads of mould lines and flash.

So I went to my LGW today to return them and complain a lot and tell them how dissatisfied I am with the product and how my hopes were let down. To my amazement, and it's not going to be a good thing, the manager of my LGW told me that 'no one forced me to buy it' and 'it's all because it was the first batch'.

Let me get something straight. The excuse of it being the first batch is a complete nonsense! Even more so it should be the priority to get all the models perfect so the new line is maybe understocked but at least meets the quality demand that goes with the price and their promises. The other thing is that no one forces me to do anything; I don't need to be told that. No one will force me to buy shitty overpriced models from GW when there are plenty of other companies doing same or better job for usually less money. I think that comments like that show either the manager's ignorance towards his folk or his lack of professionalism. The only thing that works for him in this case is that after comparing with another model that he took of the shelf, he told me to pick the best sprues and try to work with them, greenstuff them and file them and make the model look good. Of course I could keep my Ghazghkull. Which was nice, but I didn't need the two comments mentioned earlier. If he hadn't said that I would say that he handled the issue perfectly.

So in few weeks time, or maybe days it depends, you can expect Ghazzy to appear on my blog and a little interview with a little miserable fella who was mistreated in the casting process...

Till Later folks!

One more thing: screw the weekly posts! I got more things to say, I can't wait to tell you, so there might be a weekly round up, but I will be posting stuff whenever I feel like it. The wise person was right! You know who you are ;)

2 komentarze:

  1. well, looks like his level of professionalism was as good as FailCast ;)

  2. Keep your chin up mate... hopefully GW will sort this out pronto. Good Luck!


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