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Week 22 - Looted Wagon (finished) and Big Trakk with Supa Kannon (wip)

As you have seen in my previous post here I have started building some funky models for my ork army. I started off with the Looted Wagon for my Burnas. Then I got another Rhino, the new Mk IV, I think, and decided to convert it into something bigger. I saw this picture of a Big Trakk with Supa Kannon and thought, hey! That's it! After looting my bits box I found a Basilisk gun and Battlewagon turret... that was it! I am making a new funky thing!

So, below is a picture of the first, finished Looted Wagon:

And here are some wip pictures of the Big Trakk and it's Supa Kannon:

And welding marks in green on the below picture:

And the size comparison of both and after undercoating:

I have done plenty of work on the Big Trakk Rhino. It has been cut in half and broadened to accommodate the base for the Battlewagon turret. Plenty of work around the Basilisk cannon to fit it in the turret. All the black bits are plastic card. Barrel end is a sheet of plasticard with holes. Lots of work done, I think the result is an amazing model! Will get painted soon!

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  1. proppa job man! I really, really like the Trakk.


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