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Not so fine Finecast

... or should I say miscast?

28th of May! Finecast has been released to the world! So, what did Games Workshop promise us in the Finecast range? Highly detailed models, lighter material, softer to work with and better mix than Forge World mix, that would not break and chip or shatter when dropped. What did we get? Highly detailed models are a check, but what I found out by reading different posts online was that the new resin mix is something not what most modelers and painters want. Yes it is softer to work with, but it is too soft. How do I know that?

Well... I was very optimistic when they announced that range. I was not excited about the price hike, but what the hell. The models were supposed to look much better. Today I got down to my FLGW and got two models you see below:



So on closer inspection I noticed couple things that are wrong with them. Black Orc Big Boss has his shield miscasted - in the top right corner you can see the two fangs on the shield, they barely hold to the rest of the shield; this shield also has it's top half almost falling off, which my wife almost ripped apart just by touching it.

Flash... just have a look at the axe. Need I say more?


Ghazghkull has his one arm miscast (bottom right corner), and it looks terrible!

The rest of the sprue:

The resin mix is too soft to do anything with it. I actually don't like it that much so far, but I haven't got a chance to do any proper cutting. I had couple of the sprues before the 28th and they were just a bit too soft. But that, as with any new material, just takes some time getting used to, so I wouldn't count it as a bad thing.

All in all, the parts that have been cast properly look wonderful. Nice crisp detail, sharp edges. There are some mouldlines but with this resin mix being soft I don't see any problem removing them with a sharp exacto knife. So do I like the new range? Yes, I do like it... Do I mind miscasts? I do! But what I mind even more is the lack of quality control / check. These sprues should be discarded and not put in the box for me. Apart from that, go for it, unless you mind the price.

6 komentarzy:

  1. yes, i do mind the rip off price ;) great review mate

  2. I like that you are presenting both sides. I already only bought units from GW because their single prices were pretty ridiculous even before the change. Raising the prices more kind of takes me out of the buying cycle, honestly.

  3. Please drop by to answer my poll question about your finecast model quality.

  4. I got to get me some finecast to review myself, I've seen mixed reviews so far. It seems like it's luck to get a good mould. Interested on updates.

  5. Great review.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Sadly I am not surprised by the lack of quality control. They are probably casting as quick as they can to get the stock on shelves but perhaps removing them too soon from the moulds?

    I am glad I already own most of the Characters I want.

    I love GW games but hate some of their unfortunate choices. I have the Armies I want and still play them. I wanted more but decided to put my money into other game systems.

    I can see a total lack of new players as the parents decide to buy their kids a Computer game instead :P

    Have you thought of taking the miscast sprues back to GW and getting them replaced. I would.

    Happy Gaming!


  6. Im getting them returned for cash. I may buy them again when the quality is better and they are not rushed as you said.


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