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Week 20 - Malifaux, 40k, GW News


Painting of my crew goes well. Another three models are finished and ready to play. This week it's three Crooked Men. What I wanted to achieve with them is to have them look really dirty. That's why the skin has deep shadows. But, to keep models nice and bright I tried to pick an element and use bright colours on it.

And my Samurai once again... I like them so much!

Another thing I have done for Malifaux is writing campaign rules. What we want to have in our club is a campaign that will motivate us to play, give us a reason to fight against each other and at the same time keep everything balanced. I will publish these rules over here when they are done, so keep an eye on my website, subscribe, follow, whatever.

Looted Wagon

I had this old Rhino for a while now. I think I got it from my fellow blogger S. from Mighty Miniatures. Anyways, I decided to convert it into something cool for my ork army. So, I added some wheels, built over the wheels thingys. The idea is this vehicle will have a scorcha and contain 10 Burnas. I will be using it to support my assaulting mobs. As the Burnas can't assault from that vehicle, they will be jumping out and covering an enemy with ten flamer templates. I might add two Meks with Kustom Mega Blastas to pop those Termies and Grey Knights. The driver is built, but I haven't included him in the phot as I'm not sure if I want the hatch open or closed, so... that will be the next step.

GW News

So, have you heard? No more metal, just resin. Right... good idea. Resin is cheaper than metal, easier to work with, can have more detail. In current financial climate saving money is a good idea. I wouldn't expect GW to lower the prices, but they have surprised me once again. The prices have risen! So, it will cost them less to make the models, it will cost them less to post them (resin is also lighter than metal) but it will cost us more to buy them! Hold on a minute?! That's just another of those silly ideas to keep their dedicated fans pissed off. How are we supposed to remain in the hobby if the company we used to love so much treats us like that? And if the price difference was minial, but it's not. In some cases it is even 10 - 20%; ridiculous!

Anyway, enough of me ranting. Keep an eye on my website to hear about new podcast episode of All Along the Watchtower and more news on Malifaux campaign rule set and more.

'Till Later!

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  1. GW rips people off, in other news the Pope is Catholic, and bears have been seen pooing in the woods!

  2. and people will still buy from them...


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