wtorek, 24 maja 2011

Week 21 - Dystopian Wars & Malifaux scenery

This week I have been pretty busy creating some islands for the amazing game that Dystopian Wars is. I decided to have some of my own, even though I do not own a battlegroup yet. If I ever decide to get one, which is more than probable, I will go for the Prussians. The reason behind it is solely esthetically; I just love the look of their ships. Anyways, back to the terrain.
As some of you may know, mostly Dystopian Wars is played in the sea and in the air. Only recently they have released land units, which will change the game slightly if you ever decide to include these units. For now I decided to create some islands of different sizes to occupy the water area of the table.
The other thing I took into consideration is the fact that I do not only play Dystopian Wars. There's 40k and Malifaux for instance, so the terrain should fit those systems too. That's why those islands look like huge islands for DW and small hills for the rest of 28mm systems. I think that's a reasonable compromise.

I also worked on some Malifaux terrain for my Nikodem. This below, is going to be his lair. His funeral house, his collection of coffins and dead people in general. I might build a little room for Sebastian who would be preparing stiffies before they get packed up. Here are early WIPs:

As you can see there is a small coffin, but I think I have to make it better and more horror movie coffin like. It looks too plain.

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