wtorek, 14 czerwca 2011

Dystopian Wars gaming and some other painting projects

As you probably realise I am not much of a gamer recently. I keep building and painting models for myself. I keep painting models for others, but rarely have I got time to actually play the games I love. Recently one game caught my war gaming balls in a clenched fist of pain dealing and I started playing, you guessed it, Dystopian Wars.

I forgot how cool and exciting it is to discover the rules with a mate across the table. You want to do something with a model (move, attack, board) and you don't know how. You both open up the book and look for answers. That is the thing I kept missing from online gaming. Yes, you can chat with people, but rarely there is anything more than insults and jesting there.
I and my mate Mike we spent yesterday early afternoon on cracking Dystopian's rule system. Especially the planes and tiny flyers and how combat works. We had to, unfortunately, have a look on YouTube and watch couple tutorials on the subject and were both disappointed with the quality of tutoring. We decided, the the whole All Along the Watchtower Podcast crew will endevour the making of good quality clips for YouTube that will show beginners how to play this game.

Apart from Dystopian Wars, I have been painting, yes. I started working on 10 Ork Burnas and 8 Lootas and I am trying to finish 9 Squigs for my Orcs. Pictures will follow soon.

Till next time gang!

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