niedziela, 19 czerwca 2011

Killa Kans conversions

Some time ago I acquired three Sentinels and 3 Killa Kans, all in boxes all untouched. For couple months they waited for me to convert them into Killa Kans with Sentinel's legs. But when I got the sprues out on the work top and noticed they are fully poseable I went for six weird looking Kans. Here are the first two:

Please tell me what you think by leaving comments below. I quite like them and they will look much better when I get them painted!

Also, what do you think about little clips like that? Should I keep making them? I recently bought myself a nice new camera and I can, which is half way there right? 

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  1. Nice! How large are those- they look about Deff Dread sized, but look awesome!


    I have some sentinels and kanz so i might have to Loot this idea. never thought of it.


  3. @Max

    They are Kill Kan sized. I didn't want to make them too big as I got a plan of buying same set of 3 Sentinels and a box of Kanz and making 3 Deff Dreads with some extra plasticard.

    @Edward and Warpaintguy



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