sobota, 18 czerwca 2011

Burn!!! Loot!!! Paint!!!

Ha! I did get your attention with the post title didn't I? Well it has a bit to do with the content of the post. I have been busy painting my orks today and that's what I painted:

Click to enlarge!

I know they are not perfect, but it took me something around 6 hours to paint them. Unfortunately they were all assembled. So some detail has not been painted. But I'm not bothered too much about that. I want my models nicely painted on the tabletop and that's what I get over here.

Also, I tried to limit my colour palette... it didn't work. Just look at how many paints I used. Phew!

Click to enlarge!

As you can see there's lots of pots there. But that's ok, most of them were little details. I tried to keep the paintjob nice and easy, and quick! I think that worked pretty well. What do you think guys?

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