sobota, 7 stycznia 2012

Garden of Morr

Hey gang!

I have been super busy, when I wasn't busy with something super important, and I managed to finish the Garden of Morr from Games Workshop. Now... I heard people telling me that this kit is amazing. I heard people moaning about the amount of skulls to paint on this thing. Damn! They were all so very, very... right! The amount of skulls was / is daunting. It took me I think 40 minutes to cover them with base coat of Rotting Flesh! God damn! Anyway, let's carry on...

Garden of Morr kit can be assembled in many ways. One of them is you can put it on a base and create a nice graves yard. But that would limit it's playability. It's better to keep all parts separate and be able to have limitless configurations. I will be using it mostly for Malifaux, maybe for WFB, so I want to be able to build a small graveyard and some walls and fences somewhere else. Although I decided to put a bit of hardboard underneath every bit to keep it more stable and make it look better (subjectively speaking).

It was a quick paint job. I tried using airbrush for the bases and some metal parts. Worked out OK, but now I see how I could improve it a bit.

Also... I would like to invite you to Grot Orderly's facebook page: link here

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  1. Very good.
    I am attempting this as my first 28mm build/paint for quite a few years and I am enjoying it.
    As I am doing it strictly for a Diorama I am leaving the tombs uncovered by the Mausoleums and will add wall sections to extend the perimeter. It will then all be placed on one baseboard.
    Your bases are very effective and well made too.


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